Unlocking Success: The Multifaceted Support Ecosystem of Member Splash

Embarking on a journey with a new software platform can be both exciting and daunting, especially when it involves the coordination of essential functions for an organization. At Member Splash, we understand the importance of a seamless transition, particularly when it comes to onboarding new board members. We take pride in our diverse array of support options that cater to a spectrum of learning preferences and needs.

1. Member Splash University: Tailored Training for Every Role

Our flagship offering, Member Splash University, is a testament to our commitment to providing targeted training resources. This extensive video training series is thoughtfully categorized based on specific administrative roles, ensuring that each board member receives instruction tailored to their responsibilities. Whether you’re the Membership Chair, Front Desk Admin, Facilities Chair, Treasurer, Social Chair, or Communications Chair, our courses empower you with the knowledge required to operate the platform effectively.

2. Onboarding Courses: A Guided Path for Beginners

For those who are new to Member Splash, or those seeking a refresher, our beginner-level video training course – “Member Splash University – Onboarding Courses” – is an invaluable resource. Organized into Basics, Essentials, and Premium levels, this series provides a step-by-step guide to acquainting yourself with the platform, irrespective of your prior experience. In addition, all new customers get a group One-on-One training session to walk you through your specific setup and answer any questions that remain.

3. Solution Articles: A Knowledge Repository at Your Fingertips

Our Solutions Article library, available at membersplash.com, serves as a comprehensive knowledge repository. Essentials and Premium customers can also submit support tickets for personalized assistance when solutions are not readily available in the library.

4. Weekly Q&A Sessions: Real-Time Guidance from Member Splash Coaches

To address your specific setup and configuration queries, we offer complimentary weekly Q&A sessions facilitated by our experienced coaches. Early enrollment is recommended, as slots are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

5. Managed Member Splash: Tailored Support for Complex Needs

Recognizing the challenges of managing complex software, especially with volunteer staff, our Premium Block Hours through “Managed Member Splash” provide access to skilled coaches who can promptly address your organization’s unique needs.

6. Facebook Community: Connect, Share, and Learn

Join our dynamic Member Splash Community on Facebook to connect with knowledgeable administrators who comprehend the nuances of our system. This community is a hub of shared experiences and expertise, offering insights that can optimize your system and enhance your club’s operational efficiency.

In conclusion, our commitment is not just to providing software but to empowering your organization for success. We trust that this comprehensive support ecosystem will pave the way for a successful start with Member Splash. Should you have any further inquiries or require assistance, our dedicated team is here to ensure a smooth transition and effective utilization of our platform for your organization. Thank you for choosing Member Splash – where success is not just a goal but a shared journey.

Empowering Community Spirit: The Benefits of Donations During Annual Pool and Tennis Club Memberships

Introduction: Joining a pool and tennis club isn’t just about enjoying the facilities; it’s about being part of a community that thrives on shared experiences. One way to enhance this sense of community is by incorporating a donation appeal during annual dues collection. In this blog, we’ll explore the positive impact of asking for donations within the context of club memberships, focusing on how it empowers members to contribute and the manifold benefits it brings to the community.

  1. Fostering a Sense of Community Ownership: By encouraging members to contribute through donations, the club fosters a sense of ownership within the community. It shifts the perspective from being a mere consumer of club services to an active participant in its well-being. This sense of ownership can lead to increased engagement and a stronger commitment to maintaining and improving the facilities.
  2. Empowering Members to Make a Difference: People inherently want to make a positive impact on their surroundings. Requesting donations during annual dues provides members with a tangible opportunity to contribute to the betterment of the club. Whether it’s funding new equipment, enhancing landscaping, or supporting community events, members feel empowered knowing that their contributions directly contribute to the club’s growth.
  3. Enhancing Facilities and Experiences: The funds generated through donations can be directed towards enhancing club facilities and experiences. Whether it’s renovating the pool area, upgrading tennis courts, or organizing special events, the additional funds enable the club to go above and beyond basic maintenance, creating a more enjoyable and appealing environment for all members.
  4. Promoting a Culture of Philanthropy: Incorporating a donation appeal into the annual dues structure helps establish a culture of philanthropy within the club. When members witness the positive outcomes of their collective contributions, it instills a sense of pride and encourages ongoing support. This culture can extend beyond the club, influencing members to engage in charitable activities in their broader communities.
  5. Financial Sustainability and Flexibility: Raising even a modest amount through donations can significantly contribute to the club’s financial sustainability. This additional income provides flexibility in budgeting and allows the club to undertake projects that might otherwise be challenging to fund solely through standard membership fees. It ensures the long-term viability of the club and its ability to adapt to changing needs.

Conclusion: Asking for donations during annual dues collection is not just about raising funds; it’s about cultivating a vibrant and engaged community. By empowering members to contribute, clubs can create a culture of shared responsibility, enhance facilities and experiences, and ensure long-term sustainability. Ultimately, the benefits extend far beyond the financial aspect, creating a thriving and closely-knit community that takes pride in its collective efforts.

Leveraging Waiver Forms for Your Swim and Tennis Club with Member Splash

Introduction: Ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for members and guests at your swim and tennis club involves effective management of pool access. Waiver forms play a crucial role in granting permissions, especially for scenarios like allowing younger teens to use the pool without a parent present. Discover how Member Splash, our trusted software solution, simplifies the creation, tracking, and management of waiver forms, ensuring a seamless experience for both clubs and members.

Why Waiver Forms Matter: Many swim and tennis clubs, including our client clubs, require members or guests to submit waiver forms to access the pool. These forms serve as permissions, and a common use case is granting teenagers access to the pool without parental accompaniment. With Member Splash, the process of creating, tracking, and displaying the status of these forms is streamlined for effortless management.

Key Features of Member Splash Waiver Forms:

  • Automatic Expiration: Waiver forms created through Member Splash automatically expire at the end of the calendar year. Members are prompted to re-submit each season, ensuring the most up-to-date permissions and information.
  • Display and Submission: Waiver forms are prominently displayed to members on the Manage Account screen and open in an overlay window for easy submission. Once submitted, a waiver form will not be displayed again to the member for the rest of the year.
  • Check-in Screen Indication: The waiver status is indicated on the check-in screen, providing crucial information to guards. However, it’s important to note that a lack of a waiver won’t prevent a member from checking in; clubs need to enforce policies regarding waivers.

Conclusion: Member Splash empowers swim and tennis clubs to effortlessly manage waiver forms, ensuring a smooth and secure experience for members and guests. By leveraging the features and customization options offered, clubs can streamline the process of granting permissions, enhance member engagement, and uphold safety standards at the pool. Dive into the ease of managing waiver forms with Member Splash for a worry-free pool access system.

Maximizing Revenue and Efficiency: The Power of Member Splash

In the dynamic landscape of club management, finding tools that not only streamline operations but also bolster revenue streams is essential. Member Splash emerges as a comprehensive solution that not only pays for itself but significantly enhances club revenues while optimizing cost management. Let’s delve into how this innovative platform offers a synergy of revenue generation and cost-saving features, transforming the trajectory of organizational success.

Driving Revenue Up

Member Splash isn’t just a system—it’s a catalyst for increased revenue. Here’s how:

Capturing Guest Fees

By implementing a front desk check-in system fortified with photo ID verification, the incidence of guest fraud dwindles. This security measure isn’t just about protection; it’s about amplifying sales of guest passes. Remarkably, numerous clubs adopting Member Splash witness a surge in revenue from these increased sales, effortlessly offsetting their annual subscription fee.

Efficient Cash Tracking

Every penny counts. Member Splash enables meticulous tracking and accountability of cash received at the front desk for guest pass purchases, significantly reducing revenue seepage—a critical aspect in maximizing overall income.

Converting Guests to Members

The ingenious “Visits Report” tool identifies frequent club guests ripe for conversion into members. Leveraging this insight, clubs successfully nudge these visitors towards purchasing their memberships, cultivating a robust member base and augmenting revenue streams.

Optimizing Membership Usage

Member Splash reports provide a panoramic view of member activity, highlighting inactive members. This invaluable data allows clubs to identify and replace inactive members with newer families eager to engage with club services, translating into a surge in revenue.

Tech-Savvy Appeal

An aesthetically pleasing membership portal coupled with cutting-edge technology not only enhances user experience but also instills confidence in potential members. This modern interface becomes a magnet, attracting new members and driving revenue growth.

Monetizing the Waitlist

Maintaining a healthy waitlist is a strategic move for clubs. Member Splash facilitates the collection of nominal waitlist fees online at the time of application. This seemingly modest fee, say $25 per applicant, accumulates quickly. Just twenty new applicants translate to an effortless $500 boost in revenue.

Facilitating Payments

Seamless online registration and payment options for pavilion rentals incentivize more bookings. The easier it is for members to register and pay for events, the higher the utilization rate, thereby augmenting revenue from event rentals.

Efficiency Leading to Savings

Member Splash not only bolsters revenue but also streamlines operations, reducing costs and enhancing overall efficiency:

  • Streamlined Operations: The platform simplifies administrative tasks, saving valuable time and labor costs.
  • Reduced Fraud and Revenue Leakage: Robust security measures minimize fraud, ensuring maximum revenue retention.
  • Automated Processes: Online payment options and automated tracking reduce manual errors, saving both time and resources.


Member Splash stands as a game-changer, seamlessly integrating revenue-boosting strategies with cost-saving efficiencies. Its multifaceted approach empowers clubs to thrive, not just survive, in an increasingly competitive landscape. By leveraging technology, maximizing member engagement, and optimizing revenue streams, Member Splash emerges as the quintessential partner in propelling clubs towards sustained growth and success.

How a Private Facebook Group Revolutionizes Club Administration with Member Splash

In the bustling realm of club administration, managing a smooth operation can be as challenging as it is rewarding. Enter Member Splash, a robust software solution designed to streamline club management processes. But what sets it apart isn’t just its features; it’s the invaluable support system woven through a private Facebook group known as the Member Splash Community. Let’s delve into why this online community has become an indispensable asset for club admins utilizing Member Splash.

A Collaborative Hub for Insights and Support

The Member Splash Community isn’t your run-of-the-mill Facebook group; it’s a haven for club administrators leveraging Member Splash. This private enclave serves as a knowledge-sharing platform where members can pose queries, share insights, and offer advice. The group thrives on its sense of community spirit, fostering an environment of collaboration and mutual assistance.

Tap into Collective Wisdom

The group’s essence lies in its diverse array of members—club admins, seasoned users, and the Member Splash team itself—all congregated with a common goal: to enhance club management efficiency. Need troubleshooting tips? Seeking best practices for membership renewals? The collective wisdom of this community is just a post away.

Prompt and Informed Support

One of the standout features of the Member Splash Community is the responsiveness. Whether it’s a technical glitch, a query about functionalities, or a request for operational advice, members rally to offer prompt and informed solutions. Moreover, the Member Splash team actively participates, ensuring accurate and timely resolutions to user queries.

Real-World Solutions from Real Users

What sets this group apart is its authenticity. Here, admins aren’t just receiving advice from a faceless entity; they’re tapping into the experiences of peers who navigate similar club management waters. Real-world solutions and firsthand experiences shared within the group add immense practical value to the discussions.

Enhanced User Experience

The Member Splash Community isn’t solely about troubleshooting. It’s a treasure trove of tips, tricks, and innovative ways to maximize the software’s potential. From utilizing lesser-known features to implementing creative strategies for member engagement, users continuously discover novel ways to enhance their club’s efficiency and member experience.

Building Relationships Beyond Software

Beyond its primary function of aiding with software-related queries, the group cultivates relationships. Shared experiences and camaraderie foster a sense of belonging, transcending the digital realm. Connections made here often extend beyond discussions about Member Splash, fostering networking opportunities and professional relationships.

The Power of Community Support

In the intricate world of club administration, having a support system is indispensable. The Member Splash Community stands as a testament to the power of collective support. It’s not just a group—it’s a lifeline for club admins navigating the complexities of managing memberships, registrations, events, and more.


In the realm of club administration, leveraging software like Member Splash is a game-changer. However, the real magic lies in the supportive ecosystem fostered by the Member Splash Community. Through collaborative engagement, timely assistance, and a shared passion for seamless club management, this private Facebook group stands tall as an invaluable resource for club admins utilizing Member Splash. Joining isn’t just an option—it’s a gateway to a world of insights, solutions, and an extended network of like-minded professionals.

The power of community is profound, and in the Member Splash Community, it’s not just about software; it’s about empowering each other for success in the realm of club administration.

Member Splash’s Supported Implementation for Pools and Tennis Clubs

For pools and tennis clubs, the adoption of new software can feel like a plunge into uncharted waters. However, Member Splash emerges as a game-changer, tailored specifically with volunteers in mind. With a promise of unwavering support and a comprehensive implementation process, Member Splash aims to revolutionize club management.

Embracing Change with Support

The core philosophy behind Member Splash lies in its commitment to guide clubs through the integration of their software seamlessly. The process is not just about introducing new technology; it’s about transforming operations. Member Splash steps in to shoulder the weight of implementation:

Comprehensive Onboarding

  • Swift Setup: From site creation to data import and product creation, the onboarding team ensures a quick turnaround, setting up the club platform in 5-10 days.
  • Thorough Training: A wealth of online resources and tutorials allow teams to learn at their pace, ensuring a confident grasp of the platform before the official launch.
  • Personalized Support: Beyond online resources, a live training consultation ensures a personalized touch, addressing specific needs and concerns.

Tangible Benefits

  • Financial Impact: The implementation isn’t just an expense; it’s an investment. Member Splash predicts a substantial increase in guest fee revenues through an efficient front desk check-in system.
  • Time Efficiency: By streamlining membership tracking, payments, and emails, clubs reduce administrative burdens, making it easier to find volunteer replacements.

Sustained Support and Continuous Learning

Member Splash doesn’t stop at onboarding; they advocate for continuous learning and sustained support:

Ongoing Education

  • Role-Based Training: Member Splash University offers role-specific courses, empowering board members and staff with targeted video lessons for their respective responsibilities.
  • Accessible Learning: The platform ensures ease of access, allowing individuals to learn at their convenience without scheduling constraints.

Extensive Support

  • Comprehensive Resources: An all-inclusive annual fee provides access to a fully interactive Solutions Center, email support, and a Knowledge Base, covering all aspects of the system.
  • Direct Interaction: Queries are addressed directly by the Member Splash team, ensuring a personalized and knowledgeable response.

In essence, Member Splash doesn’t just offer software; it presents a transformative solution tailored to the unique needs of clubs. By embracing this support-driven implementation, clubs not only streamline their operations but also empower their teams for sustained success.

In the realm of club management, Member Splash emerges as a beacon of efficiency, paving the way for a seamless transition into a new era of technological advancement and operational excellence.

Elevate Your Club’s Experience with Member Splash’s Events Calendar Feature

Is your club calendar feeling lackluster, with events that are struggling to garner attention and participation? Keeping members engaged and informed about club happenings is essential for a thriving community. Enter Member Splash—the solution to revamp your club’s events calendar and enhance member participation.

Unleashing the Power of Events Calendar

Member Splash introduces a robust events calendar feature that transforms mundane, underutilized calendars into dynamic, interactive hubs. Members gain access to a comprehensive calendar where they can effortlessly register, pay for events, lessons, camps, classes, and facility rentals. It’s more than just a calendar—it’s an engagement platform.

Empowering Engagement

Gone are the days of empty or unlinked calendars. Member Splash breathes life into your club’s schedule by providing active forms and seamless payment options, ensuring successful event execution. The customizable calendars keep members informed about the bustling pool season, enabling them to sign up for various activities with ease.

Seamless Integration and Customization

Member Splash Essentials and Premium plans offer an array of functionalities. These plans allow synchronization with external calendars like Google Calendar, enabling efficient scheduling and categorization of events. Whether it’s swim team practices or pool hours, everything is neatly organized and easily accessible.

Enhancing Event Experience

The interactive calendar feature isn’t just about showcasing events; it’s about optimizing the entire event experience. Members receive detailed event information in advance, facilitating smoother event planning and participation. Moreover, event coordinators can effortlessly share necessary information with staff and volunteers without complex administrative access.

Key Benefits

  • Recurring events management simplified for custom schedules.
  • Admin-friendly interface for easy event management.
  • Widgets for easy display of event lists on your site.
  • Mapping features for event locations.
  • Google Calendar integration for member subscriptions.

Post-Event Insights

The journey doesn’t end with the event itself. Member Splash provides insightful post-event features like check-ins and visit reports. These reports offer valuable data on attendance, facilitating informed decisions for future events. No more guesswork—just concrete, exportable data to assess event success.

Time to Level Up Your Club’s Calendar

If your club calendar is in dire need of a makeover to match the quality of your events, it’s time to explore the capabilities of Member Splash. Elevate your club’s experience by syncing events and member data through our platform. Let’s transform your calendar into an engaging, dynamic space that keeps members excited and involved.

Reach out to us today and witness the transformation of your club events through Member Splash!

The Power of Integrated Google Sheets for Your Club Instructors

In the dynamic world of sports instruction, effective communication is pivotal for success. Whether it’s managing schedules, sharing updates, or disseminating crucial information, the need for seamless communication channels is undeniable. Integrated Google Sheets have emerged as a game-changer, offering a centralized platform to disperse essential data without the hassle of constantly logging into membership software. Let’s explore how this technology revolutionizes the way swim and tennis instructors receive and utilize information.

Centralized Information Hub

Google Sheets act as a centralized hub where pertinent data resides, accessible to authorized individuals without the need for direct software access. For swim and tennis instructors, this means easy access to schedules, class rosters, and updates pertinent to their responsibilities. By integrating various data sources into Sheets, instructors can receive real-time information updates without navigating complex software interfaces, ensuring they stay updated with the latest developments.

Real-Time Updates

One of the significant advantages of Google Sheets integration is the ability to provide real-time updates. Whether it’s changes in class timings, updated rosters, or announcements regarding venues, instructors receive instant notifications. This fosters a responsive environment, allowing instructors to adapt swiftly to any alterations without delay, ensuring a seamless experience for both instructors and participants.

Customized Access

Integrated Google Sheets offer the flexibility to customize access levels. Instructors can be granted access to specific sheets or sections, ensuring they receive information pertinent to their roles without overwhelming them with irrelevant data. This tailored approach streamlines communication, allowing instructors to focus on their responsibilities without the distraction of excess information.

Ease of Collaboration

Collaboration among instructors becomes effortless with shared Google Sheets. Whether it’s coordinating schedules, sharing teaching methodologies, or discussing participant progress, multiple instructors can collaborate in real-time within the same document. This fosters a sense of community and facilitates knowledge sharing, ultimately enhancing the quality of instruction provided.

Tracking Performance and Progress

With Google Sheets integration, instructors can seamlessly track performance metrics and participant progress. Whether it’s recording attendance, monitoring skill development, or noting individual achievements, this data can be easily updated and accessed. Such insights empower instructors to tailor their teaching methodologies and address specific needs more effectively.

Reduced Administrative Burden

By bypassing the need to log into complex membership software systems, instructors are relieved of unnecessary administrative burdens. They can focus more on their instructional roles rather than navigating through multiple platforms to retrieve information. This not only saves time but also enhances overall job satisfaction.


Integrated Google Sheets serve as an invaluable tool for streamlining communication and information dissemination in the realm of sports instruction. By providing a centralized hub for real-time updates, customizable access, collaboration opportunities, and simplified data management, these sheets empower instructors to excel in their roles. The ability to access pertinent information without the hassle of logging into membership software significantly enhances efficiency and fosters a more cohesive instructional environment, ultimately benefiting both instructors and participants alike.

Dive In Early: The Splash of Benefits with Early Bird Membership Dues for Your Swim and Tennis Club

As the sun peeks over the horizon and the anticipation of a new swim and tennis season begins, there’s a golden opportunity for both clubs and members alike—the early bird membership registration. In this blog post, we’ll explore the myriad benefits of collecting annual dues early, coupled with the irresistible charm of offering early bird discounts.

  1. Financial Stability for the Club: Collecting dues early provides your club with a solid financial foundation. Early influxes of revenue allow for better budget planning, enabling the club to make necessary improvements, organize exciting events, and maintain top-notch facilities.
  2. Member Commitment and Retention: Early bird discounts act as a powerful incentive for members to renew their memberships promptly. By offering a reduced rate, you encourage a sense of loyalty and commitment, fostering a community of engaged and dedicated members.
  3. Smooth Planning and Organization: Early registration provides club administrators with a clearer picture of the upcoming season’s participation. This foresight enables better planning for events, tournaments, and other activities, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.
  4. Strategic Resource Allocation: With a head start on membership numbers, the club can allocate resources more strategically. This includes staffing levels, equipment purchases, and maintenance schedules, optimizing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of club operations.
  5. Financial Benefits for Members: Early bird discounts not only benefit the club but also the members themselves. By seizing the opportunity to pay dues at a reduced rate, members enjoy cost savings, making the membership renewal process more enticing and rewarding.
  6. Enhanced Member Experience: The early collection of dues allows the club to invest in member-centric improvements promptly. Whether it’s upgrading equipment, enhancing facilities, or introducing new programs, members can look forward to an improved and enriched experience.
  7. Building Anticipation and Excitement: Launching an early bird registration campaign creates a buzz within the community. It builds anticipation and excitement for the upcoming season, generating positive energy that resonates among both existing and potential members.
  8. Streamlined Administrative Processes: Early registrations streamline administrative processes, reducing the last-minute rush and potential bottlenecks. This efficiency translates into smoother operations, allowing staff to focus on delivering exceptional service rather than managing a hectic registration period.

In the world of swim and tennis clubs, the early bird catches more than just the worm—it catches a wave of benefits for both the club and its members. By collecting annual dues early and sweetening the deal with early bird discounts, clubs can set the stage for a successful and enjoyable season ahead. So, dive in early, and let the currents of financial stability, member commitment, and enhanced experiences propel your club to new heights!

The Gift of Membership: Why Clubs Should Promote Member Gifting

The holiday season is the perfect time for clubs to tap into the spirit of giving and strengthen member relationships by encouraging the gift of membership. Gifting club memberships isn’t just about spreading holiday cheer; it’s a strategic move that benefits both the club and its members. In this blog, we’ll explore why and how clubs should promote the idea of members gifting memberships.

Strengthening Member Engagement:
Encouraging members to gift club memberships fosters a sense of belonging and community. It creates stronger connections among members, turning them into brand ambassadors.

Boosting Membership Retention:
Gifted memberships often lead to increased commitment and membership renewals. Members who receive these gifts develop a deeper bond with the club.

Enhanced Revenue and Sustainability:
Gifting generates a steady revenue stream, supporting club improvements and diversifying income sources, ensuring long-term financial stability.

Easy Promotional Strategies:
Offer member-exclusive discounts for gift memberships and simplify the gifting process with digital gift cards and personalized messaging.

Real-Life Success Stories:
Share member testimonials that showcase the benefits of gifting club memberships, inspiring others to follow suit.

A Win-Win Approach
Promoting member gifting is a win-win for both clubs and members. It strengthens the club’s community, boosts retention, diversifies revenue, and spreads the joy of membership. This holiday season, encourage your members to be ambassadors of your club’s unique experiences, creating a more vibrant and sustainable community.