Increased Revenue

Member Splash doesn’t just pay for itself –
it increases club revenues.

  • CAPTURE GUEST FEES – The existence of a front desk check-in system with photo ID’s will decrease guest fraud.  The result will be increased sales of guest passes.  Many new Member Splash customers have found that this increased revenue more than covers their annual Member Splash subscription fee!
  • TRACK YOUR CASH! – Cash received at the front desk from the purchase of guest passes will be tracked and accounted for, reducing revenue seepage.
  • CONVERT GUESTS TO MEMBERS – The “Visits Report” tool identifies frequent Club guests who could be encouraged to purchase their own membership.
  • REVIEW MEMBERSHIP USAGE – Member Splash reports can help to identify members who may not be using the Club anymore, and could be replaced by newer families who would bring more dollars into the club by using club services.
  • UP-TO-DATE TECHNOLOGY – A polished membership portal and up-to-date technology will inspire confidence in your product and attract new members to your Club. 
  • A HEALTHY WAITLIST – Most clubs charge a nominal waitlist fee, such as $25, to keep their waitlist healthy with only prospects who truly intend to join. That payment can be captured online at the time of application, and can quickly add up.  $25 times twenty new applicants is an easy $500!
  • EASE OF PAYMENTS – Online registration and payment for a rental pavilion will encourage additional rentals. The easier that events are to register and pay for, the more people will use them.


Decreased Costs

Don’t let another season go by with extra expenses.
Implement Member Splash and save your club time and money.

  • IMPROVE STAFFING – The “Visits Report” tool lets you identify patterns in your club’s usage.  You can use this information to tighten up your staff scheduling and decrease staffing costs.
  • HOURLY WAGESIt’s hard to get volunteers these days and many clubs end up paying someone to manage membership and dues collections. Member Splash reduces the number of paid hours by removing the need for mailing invoices; collecting checks and recording payment.
  • SUPPLY COSTS -Invoicing your members by email instead of “snail-mail” means you save money. Postage for clubs that mail out reminders can be significant.  A single mailing, to a club with just over 1,300 accounts, would cost over $650 just in postage not to mention the cost of paper, envelopes, mailing labels and ink!
  • WEB COSTS – Save monthly hosting fees with our Premium Level Plan which includes web-hosting, domain name registration and an unlimited number of email addresses for your team vs. paying for a basic Wix site (with a calendar) for $23 a month. That’s an additional cost of almost $300 a year and you still have to pay separately for an email service.

Increased Efficiency

Member Splash gives you the gift of efficiency.
You’ll love the time it doesn’t take to manage your volunteer role.

  • EFFICIENT COLLECTION – By invoicing your members electronically and allowing them to pay their dues online, your dues collection can be done in minutes instead of weeks.  Having money in your club’s bank account early in the season will help with your club’s cash flow.
  • EASE OF USE – Having a front desk check-in product will ensure that members are paid in full before they use the pool. 
  • PAPERLESS SYSTEM – The “Closed accounts” file will track historical information on past members, certificate numbers, and membership transfers.  This allows you to keep significant amounts of data without paper files.
  • MORE TIME IN THE POOL – A more efficient membership platform means Board members can spend less time working on their club volunteer duties and more time in the pool!
  • VOLUNTEERS – Volunteer positions that are easy to manage are also easier to fill.  Member Splash makes it easier for you to find a replacement for your Board position when you’re ready to retire!

Request a Member Splash Demo

The demo is conducted on-line using Zoom – so we can have a group of individuals join from wherever they are and share the screen.