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  • Our pool member payment system for swim clubs benefits both members and admins.

    Collect hundreds of dues payments in minutes with electronic invoicing and online payments.

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No more waiting for checks that are “in the mail!” – collect payments immediately using debit/credit card payments. 

Our pool member payment software benefits your board and members alike: 

Paper checks, spreadsheets, Access database, punch cards, note cards. We’ve seen it all! Stop using manual methods to accept payments and move to a complete online registration process which is safe, efficient and easy for your members.

For instance, in most of our clubs we know that the overwhelming majority choose to pay by credit or debit card. With online payments solutions from Member Splash, not only can the membership take advantage of using credit cards to pay for things like dues and guest passes, but additionally party products, pavilion rentals and team gear. It leads to significantly cleaner report data for your treasurer and the ability to understand how your members are paying for their products.

Like any process where you allow members to pay by credit card, this greatly enhances the bottom line of the pool.

How Long Does Manual or Paper Invoicing Take at Your Club?

Transcribing stacks of paper or forms, answering emails, mailing invoices, processing checks, working on multiple finance apps or ledgers, etc…and probably pulling your hair out while doing it, huh?

How much are manual processes really costing you (besides your sanity)? Although, we already did the math for you…it’s a lot. Streamlining new member, renewal and payment processes are only a fraction of the current functionality we incorporate into the Member Splash platform.

– Bounced checks and bounced check fees? Goodbye!
– Hours spent processing checks by your team? See ya later!
– Mailing costs for invoices or sending membership information? Not any more!
– Outside payments through separate billing platforms? You don’t need that hassle!

Our pool member payment software makes paying dues easy – members log into their accounts, purchase their products and can start using club facilities immediately.

Key Benefits of Our Pool Member Payment Software:

  • Simple on-line payment processing streamlines club financial operations and dramatically reduces the number of paper checks to handle.
  • Processing fee of 2.9% + .30 cents per transaction can be passed on to members or absorbed by the club.
  • Payments recorded in your database for financial reporting.
  • Members can access invoices and see payment history right in their accounts.
  • Our system is expandable to include other purchases as your club grows and expands.

Do your admin duties while lounging by the pool.

Benefits to Members:

Lastly, for members the difference is quite stark in that they have complete access to their open charges, their bills, payments and can manage their accounts themselves.

Admins can allow members to add, delete and update the members on their account, they are in charge and can quickly add new members and pay for them – all in real time.

Also, allowing members to pay with credit cards allows them to accumulate cash back and points which is a major benefit. For many of the younger families, they don’t even have checkbooks anymore and online payments are simply their reality and expectation.

Clubs and members alike appreciate and strongly desire the ability to use our pool member payment software to send and receive dues payments in an instant by accepting credit cards. Just ask your treasurer if they prefer digital payments? The answer is always a resounding YES! The world around us is digital—shouldn’t your pool be the same?

Do your admin duties while lounging by the pool.

See How it Works!

swimming pool billing software
Swim Club Member Payment Software
swimming pool billing software

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