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  • Optimize club social events with our events calendar feature.

    Members can register and pay for events, lessons, camps, classes, and facility rentals with our events calendar.

Our member management software for pools offers a complete calendar – easily link, engage, sort and share with your members

Is your club calendar empty, unused and without actionable links, info, rosters, digital payment forms or reservations?

Member Splash replaces empty or unlinked calendars with active forms and payments for successful events! Keep your members informed about all club events throughout the busy pool season with customized calendars. Members can register and pay for events, lessons, camps, classes, and facility rentals with our events calendar!

Member Splash Essentials and Premium plans include a robust events calendar. Sync your tennis chair’s Google calendar with the main calendar, sort it by categories for your members and color code all the different events that happen at a busy pool.

Need to see when the swim team has practice? Got it covered… Need to know the pool hours? Got that covered too….

Boost event attendance with our interactive calendar feature!

Happy membership starts with active engagement.

Our calendars are sortable by category, color coded and have active links for rosters, full info or payments right in the calendar. You can give members every detail they need clearly in advance and also have members sign up with clear advanced info for your team prior to the events for a better event experience for all!

Before the event, our member management software for pools allows clubs to share event info with your staff in Essential and Premium Plans (through our google sheet or gravity view integration). No need to give folks unnecessary admin access when you can share simply sort and share forms info on pages or google sheets with outside event volunteers, managers, coaches and more. Event form info can be sorted and shared to have all the info your event coordinator needs digitally, so no more printing out event sheets.

Key Benefits:

  • Recurring events support custom schedules with a simple calendar interface for adding/removing additional occurrences. Have a weekly Thursday event that is shifting to Friday one week because of a swim meet? Now it’s easy to do that.
  • An admin calendar view lets you easily find and edit your existing events plus add news. No more scrolling through long lists trying to find a specific date.
  • Support for calendar and event list widgets – easily display mini calendars and events lists in the sidebar or footer of your site.
  • Need to know where that Swim Meet is located? …the event calendar even has easy to use maps.
  • Support for Google calendar syncing – members can subscribe to the pool calendar!
Events Management Software for Pools

Event data available with the click of a button!

After your club events, use our checkin feature and visits reports to track event success.

Our visits report is great for making informed decisions based on data for staffing and guest tracking, but they’re also great for no longer making “finger in the air” guesses about your club events throughout the week. No more guessing! Our reports are sortable, exportable and share-able with your team so you know exactly what the attendance was for your event with real tracked data.

If your calendar is looking sad, empty or not up to speed with the quality of your clubs events perhaps it’s time to chat with us today and sync your events and member data through our Member Splash platform!

See How it Works!

Events Management for Swim and Tennis Clubs
Events Calendar Management for Pools
Events Management Solution or Swim and Tennis Clubs

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