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  • Member Management Software (MMS) for pools and tennis clubs.

    Juggling multiple spreadsheets and paper lists? Simplify your operations with one comprehensive database that automates your processes.

Member Management Solutions

Our pool member management software lets you manage members, guests, payments, waitlists and communications all through one automated web-based platform.

At Member Splash, we’re experts in one thing – Membership Management for Swim and Tennis Clubs. 

That’s it. We know just the thought of getting ready for next season can overwhelming, but our pool member management software is an all-in-one platform solution to keep member data in one place making it easy to update accounts and collect dues in just a few clicks.

Manage members, guests, payments, waitlists and communications all through one automated web-based platform. We maintain easy to use member accounts that allow members to add family members, nannies, grandparents, babysitters, house guests from their accounts.

Paper And Manual Processes Cost A Lot More Than Member Splash’s Digital Platform

How much are manual processes really costing you (besides your sanity)?

We already did the math for you—it’s A LOT—and streamlining new member, renewal and payment processes is ONLY A FRACTION of the current functionality we incorporate into the Member Splash platform to help your club. On a budget or no budget at all? Our platform will actually pay for itself (and then some in most cases).

Our pool member management software provides easy to use member accounts where users can add their family members, nannies, grandparents, babysitters, house guests, etc.

All of the products a member buys at the club each year will be captured as orders in their account. And with our flexibility and ability to help clubs with their complicated membership structures, we can handle just about any situation. And we are proud of just how “easy on the eyes” the user interface is!

Key Benefits:

  • Member Registration
  • Front Desk Check-In with Photo Verification
  • Secure Online Payment Processing
  • Guest Tracking and Payments
  • Automated Waitlist Management
  • Bulk Email Communication

And of course you can count on the following Member Splash features to come standard as well: Product Training, Daily Data Backups, Highest Level Security Protocols and Unlimited Support.

Need more encouragement?

Advantages Of Digital Membership Through Member Splash:

  • Reduce Admin Work Time and Costs.
  • Workflow Automation Improves Efficiency/Productivity.
  • Process Payments Digitally (From Customer To Your Bank Account In As Little As A Day).
  • Better Communication And Relationships With Staff And Membership.
  • No Manual Mistakes Or Lost Paperwork. It’s All Digitized And Synced.
  • Reduce Overpayments, Duplicate or Missed Payments.
  • Payments Dates, Late Fees And Discounts Are Set Up In Advance/Never Missed.
  • Focus Admin Time On More Important Club Processes That You Haven’t Had Time For—OR Haven’t Even Thought Of Yet!
  • and Much, Much More!

See How it Works!

Member Management Software
Member Management Solutions
Pool Business Software
Swim and Tennis Club Reservation Feature
Digital Payment System for Swim and Tennis Clubs

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