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  • Paid ads or sponsorships will increase your clubs website sponsorship revenue.

    Missing sponsorship revenue at your club? Our sponsorship solutions for pools and tennis clubs will give your revenue stream a boost!

Digital Sponsorship can increase donations, revenue and funding

Are you efficiently set up for actively taking digital sponsorship (or fundraising or donations) applications and revenue across your platform yet? We can help!

Our Essentials plan offers the ability to download unlimited premade forms for easy DIY placements. BUT in Premium plans we can set up Sponsorships that automate sponsorship money, logos and and banner automatically to through your site. Once it’s set up you may never have to touch it again unless you want to change the rates or setting!

Downloadable sponsorship forms in particular can have preset fundraising packages amounts for up-loadable logos/banners you approve and place. These packages are typically higher revenue amounts and really boost the clubs funds.

Member Splash is OVERFLOWING with club process solutions and revenue generators: Instant digital membership billing? We’ve got that. Paid annual waitlists? Yep. Gravity forms for driving revenue from Rentals, Events, Lessons, Teams and more directly into your bank account? We’ve got that too!

Sponsorship Solutions for Pools and Tennis clubs: Enhance your website with our sponsorship form and ads

Forms For Sponsorship – In the Essentials and Premium plans you can create unlimited forms for attracting and selling sponsorships, logos, ads, payments on forms that deliver revenue directly to your bank accounts each day. We have downloadable pre-made sponsorship forms in our forms template library for you to use simply by replacing text and picture with your club’s info that are RTG (or if you have gravity forms knowledge, add more complex elements and create your own custom forms!).

Want More? How About Some Paid Ads or Sponsorship Spots! – Increase sponsorship revenue with an advanced Sponsorship Premium Form and Sponsorship Ads in our Premium Plan to collect payment, logos and notifications for your team to easily add sponsorship banner ads on your new website. Gain a few new sponsorships and you’ve already or partially paid for the entire annual plan!

Key Benefits:

  • Available in Essentials and Premium Plans – Increase club revenue with paid sponsorships.
  • Forms – Easy to to implement. Collect fees and ads/logos all on a form

See How it Works!

Sponsorship Solutions for Your Pool or Tennis Club
Sponsorship Solutions for Pools and Tennis clubs

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