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  • Easily send bulk email communication to your swim club membership.

    Our bulk email communication feature for swim clubs keeps your email list continually synced with current member information.

Bulk Email Communications for Swim Clubs

All your club communication needs synced in one platform!

Are you tired of cutting and pasting email distribution lists to try and get notifications out to members? Is it a headache just to get a simple note out to the members who remain unpaid?

Member Splash provides bulk email communication for swim clubs offering a unique integration with Mailchimp which allows us to keep the member data constantly synced with the Mailchimp lists. Send campaigns with ease, see the open rates and know just who is opening your emails. Mailchimp integration is included with Member Splash so you no longer have to pay for basic communication tools or decide on which one out there is the best.

But while we love Mailchimp for its beautiful layout tools and integration—we didn’t just leave its abilities there. Any updates made in our platform sync with Mailchimp so you’re using the most current membership data AND you can segment emails through tags and fields to target your emails to a specific members—-no more blasting the list for something your members already did, like payments. Otherwise, you’ll spend all day answering emails asking you to check their status!

Our bulk email communications for swim clubs gets messages out efficiently to your members!

If you can think of it, you can not only segment it, but communicate it quickly with our platform.

With every account in Member Splash there is at least one member email account used as the primary account holder and you can require a slew of additional info in members’ self managed portals or collect info from forms, payments and more. This info is synced with your member data throughout our platform and updatable in real time when you connect to our Mailchimp Integration. You can manually sync that data instantly before a send for the best results (or the system syncs with the our data daily as it periodically updates), so your emails are reaching the most current version of your platform and member data!

Want more sends or extra support?—most clubs are happy with the intro level free service, but if you want more advanced tools and support you can simply upgrade your Mailchimp account to an advanced paid plan at anytime.

Bulk Email Communications for Swim Clubs

Our bulk email communication for swim clubs allows you to segment messages to only those that need it!

No more blasting your entire membership with emails like in the past!

Once your platform is synced with our Mailchimp integration, if your admins or your members change/update email addresses, pay bills or update required info, that info is synced throughout our entire platform and to your Mailchimp communication for direct segmented email communication that only targets the members you are looking to communicate with.

Unpaid bills notifications, swim team updates, attendee event changes and more can be targeted at specific members through segments, tags, fields and statuses in our platform. No need to send an email to everyone when you can just target members who need that unique message. And when you segment the correct messages to the correct members there’s no additional back and forth with members who would otherwise be confused or need you to check on something they never needed to be notified of in the first place.

Send Emails to Your Membership with Mailchimp

Mailchimp Provides Easy to Use, Beautiful Templates

Build Beautiful Newsletters Or Just Send A Simple Update

Mailchimp builds gorgeous newsletters, surveys and more through drag and drop media elements you can upload, export, save and reuse. If you want to just send a simple email message through our platform or use ready-to-go saved templates. Go fancy or just get the word out quickly—it’s up to you!

See How it Works!

Communication with Automatic Sync to Mailchimp
Bulk Email Communications for Swim Clubs

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