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  • Our point of sale makes accepting snack bar payments at your pool easy.

    Our pool and tennis club point of sale software streamline sales transactions at your snack bar.

Finally, a simple pool point of sale software option that digitizes your snack bar revenue with ease

The value of a simple Point of Sale system is priceless!

Leave the credit card and cash at home (it will get wet at the pool!) with the simple Member Splash POS. Cash box numbers not adding up? Wish snack bar money would just filter directly to your club merchant account and not disappear?

Do members just want to bill items to their accounts? If you answered yes, we can do that! The Point of Sale system (available with our Essentials and Premium plans) streamlines sales transactions and payments at your snack bar. Automated sales means fewer errors, less lost revenue, faster service and happier customers.

Typically admins see a HUGE increase in sales when their members can just bill to account—and our platform will NEVER forget the few remaining unpaid purchase amounts (as the bulk of your snack bar revenue increases dramatically) so they’ll have to pay them to be current on their membership dues. SIMPLY PUT, this is one tab no one can walk out on and that you’ll be able to collect!

Send Snack Bar Invoices in a Few Clicks – Members Pay in Their Portals!

At the end of each day, week, month, season you can send these invoices directly to your members accounts for notifications and payments SIMPLY as well.

Want to wait to bill them until they are over $20 or want to bill them right away? No problem, you can sort by time purchased, order #, account #, member, amount, payment method, payment status and more (even print a pdf or export these reports outside our platform if needed). Bulk select them all or select the particular accounts you want to invoice and simply hit send to invoice.

What’s great about our POS is that both members AND admins can see the purchase details in the platform and member portals in real time when invoiced—and with check in recorded in our visits reports at check in, no one can squirm out of paying and say I wasn’t at the pool!

Key Benefits:

  • Allows your staff to add many items for your snack bars and merchandise.
  • Bill to account or take cash.
  • Print out orders easily.
  • Easy billing and reporting make this a top seller at your pool.
  • Include employee discounts and special offers.
  • Your members will thank you!
Use our Point of Sale Software to Sell Snack Bar Items

Build Simple Products and Start Selling with Our Pool Point of Sale Software!

Bill to account or take cash, print out your member receipts, unlimited items for sale. It’s a full scale system in an easy to use screen. You are going to love it!

Just like our picture based check in system we use digital pictures to link purchases to accounts. Simply type in the member name, review photo, add items and bill to account!

Simple product setup and display with product notes—if your swim or tennis club does not have a large restaurant or bar you don’t need a complex digital POS system that may cost a lot more with all the bells and whistles.

See How it Works!

Point-of-Sale software for Swimming Pools
POS System for Pools and Tennis Clubs
Pool and Tennis Club Point of Sale Orders
Create Easy Products to Sell Snack Bar Items
Pool point of sale software

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