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  • Our reports make streamlining your club operations a breeze.

    Our custom reports for swim clubs allow you to create member account and financial reports to save time, collect more money.

Create custom attendance reports for members and guests

Maximum reports for more informed decisions.

The power of data in your hands: Our custom reports for swim clubs allow you to filter by date, payment type, fee type and more!

Can you tell how many of your members have signed up to date with your current system? Do you know exactly how much revenue you’ve collected to date? Or do you have categories called miscellaneous for most of your income and just match it to the bank statement?

Member Splash has extensive, detailed capability to allow you to pull reports as often as necessary. Staffing Levels, Event Tracking, Financials & More! Tracking Made Easy—Super Sortable & Shareable!

Transaction and Visits Reports at Your Fingertips!

Use Report Data to Increase Revenue and Membership at Your Club!

Transaction data for your treasurer is all sortable and exportable for outside application use with QuickBooks and more. Sort by date, payment method, fee level and filter! Need to sort it further outside the platform? Export via CSV simply to google sheets or excel and sort further for your billing needs!

Real time visits reports of your club’s members and guests at your fingertips at all times! Check in (and even check out data) is here when you need it and searchable from the moment you start using our platform—don’t worry, this data will be saved here for the length of your business with Member Splash and sortable/shareable to suit your administrative needs for years to come!

Key Benefits of our custom reports for swim and tennis clubs:

Financial Reporting:

  • Comprehensive reports show your club’s current season financials.
  • View your income by membership, payment method; even days of the month.
  • See your total processing fees & net revenue to the club quick and easy.
  • Export to CSV so you can load information into any financial software such as QuickBooks.

Visits Reporting:

  • Tracking every visit helps maximize your revenue.
  • Do you have more guards than you need at typically slow times?
  • Do you have the capacity to sell more summer memberships?
  • Are some “guests” using the club more than you?
  • Now you can make decisions based on hard data.

Account Reports and Filtering:

  • Create custom account and membership reports on the fly.
  • Easily save report filters for repeat use of common queries.
  • Rapidly query and view accounts by Membership Type, Payment Status, or Account Tag.

Our custom reports for swim clubs allow you to collect data from your social events using

Boost Event Attendance & Gather Info For Future Events!

No more guessing how well club events were attended or “finger in the air guesses” of successful attendance for the big BBQ day or polar bear plunge at the club. Minus factoring in the weather as a consideration, you have all the details you need so that you know if your event was a big hit —and we also have member survey forms to improve future events for next time!

Need More July/Aug Partial Membership Revenue Opportunities For Your Club?

Do you have July and August partial membership availability? You might have more potential partial membership revenue options! When club visits go down during prime Summer vacation travel time, you could potentially sell more partial Summer memberships to new or waitlisted members and get new blood and revenue in to the club while normal members are typically away. Maximize your membership capacity with Member Splash. We can help you see what that capacity availability actually is through historical trends and visit reports so you can capitalize on it!

See How it Works!

Track member payments with our custom reports
Manage your swim club with our custom reports

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