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  • Maximize membership and increase revenue with your waitlist.

    Grow your future membership with our easy online waitlist management solutions for pools and tennis clubs.

Use gravity forms waitlist management for pools

Grow your membership and increase revenue with our auto-waitlist management system

Don’t do all the hard work next season for prepping and staffing your swim or tennis club and then get bogged down in administrative and membership work when you could be enjoying the pool with family and friends.

Isn’t it time you made your new membership process easier, simpler or just better than the system you have now (or lack there of)?

For many pools, their waitlist is an important part of the health of their pool and having a strong system of attracting new members and integrating them into the pool quickly is our forte. Start with an easy form and have the new members create an automatic account. They start in a protected group where they remain until the club is ready to offer them a membership in the club. No more spreadsheets, no more stickie notes, no more complicated or outdated applications to worry about.

Charging a Waitlist Fee Keeps Your List Clean and Boosts Revenue! 

Applicant members simply fill out a form which pre-populates their eventual member portal (for payments, pictures, current contact info and more when approved) and are saved on an applied sequential list. 

You can invite prospective members to join the club when you have room. 3 spots open up = 3 applicants can be invited to join via a quick intro email giving them access to their dues products so that they can pay you and start using the pool—-it’s that easy!

If you currently have full membership you can easily add a simple waitlist form that includes a small fee to keep the list clean and can help pay for club needs. We can do an unpaid waitlist too, but that small annual waitlist fee adds up as the list grows so we encourage your club to use our best practices! …it also might help pay for our platform itself!

Key Benefits:

  • The Wait List is crucial part of the health of a pool.
  • Start with an easy form and create an automatic account.
  • Charge a fee to be on the waitlist if you need to limit the list a bit.
  • Place them in a protected wait list group where you can send them targeted emails.
  • Keep them safe and sound until the club is ready to offer them a membership!
Waitlist management solutions for pools and tennis clubs

Benefits of Using Our Automated Waitlist Management Process

Easy waitlist management for pools – Every year you can bulk update waitlist accounts with a few clicks setting them to unpaid and contact the remaining waitlist accounts for the next year’s waitlist payment.

If a new member decides to pass on offered membership, no worries as you can make any account inactive and retain their data! Contact them again when the waitlist has more open spots.

Ease The Burden Of New Membership:

  • Digital Paid/Unpaid Waitlist Forms.
  • Digital Join Our Club Forms.
  • Digital Member Portals for payments, picture, contact info, reservations and more.
  • Segmented Communication synced in real time member data info in the portal.
  • Digital Picture Front Desk Check In using pics and paid statuses for easy staff use.
  • And So Much More!

See How it Works!

Manage your waitlist effectively with Member Splash
Waitlist management for pools and tennis clubs

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