Elevate Your Club’s Experience with Member Splash’s Events Calendar Feature

Is your club calendar feeling lackluster, with events that are struggling to garner attention and participation? Keeping members engaged and informed about club happenings is essential for a thriving community. Enter Member Splash—the solution to revamp your club’s events calendar and enhance member participation.

Unleashing the Power of Events Calendar

Member Splash introduces a robust events calendar feature that transforms mundane, underutilized calendars into dynamic, interactive hubs. Members gain access to a comprehensive calendar where they can effortlessly register, pay for events, lessons, camps, classes, and facility rentals. It’s more than just a calendar—it’s an engagement platform.

Empowering Engagement

Gone are the days of empty or unlinked calendars. Member Splash breathes life into your club’s schedule by providing active forms and seamless payment options, ensuring successful event execution. The customizable calendars keep members informed about the bustling pool season, enabling them to sign up for various activities with ease.

Seamless Integration and Customization

Member Splash Essentials and Premium plans offer an array of functionalities. These plans allow synchronization with external calendars like Google Calendar, enabling efficient scheduling and categorization of events. Whether it’s swim team practices or pool hours, everything is neatly organized and easily accessible.

Enhancing Event Experience

The interactive calendar feature isn’t just about showcasing events; it’s about optimizing the entire event experience. Members receive detailed event information in advance, facilitating smoother event planning and participation. Moreover, event coordinators can effortlessly share necessary information with staff and volunteers without complex administrative access.

Key Benefits

  • Recurring events management simplified for custom schedules.
  • Admin-friendly interface for easy event management.
  • Widgets for easy display of event lists on your site.
  • Mapping features for event locations.
  • Google Calendar integration for member subscriptions.

Post-Event Insights

The journey doesn’t end with the event itself. Member Splash provides insightful post-event features like check-ins and visit reports. These reports offer valuable data on attendance, facilitating informed decisions for future events. No more guesswork—just concrete, exportable data to assess event success.

Time to Level Up Your Club’s Calendar

If your club calendar is in dire need of a makeover to match the quality of your events, it’s time to explore the capabilities of Member Splash. Elevate your club’s experience by syncing events and member data through our platform. Let’s transform your calendar into an engaging, dynamic space that keeps members excited and involved.

Reach out to us today and witness the transformation of your club events through Member Splash!