Events Calendar

Events Management Made Easy

Member Splash makes an advanced calendar available to all its clubs. Sync your tennis chair’s Google calendar with the main calendar, sort it by categories for your members and color code all the different events that happen at a busy pool. And our booking calendar will allow a member to book via an available calendar date and write the booking directly to the main calendar, avoiding all of the delay normally found in paper reservations. Need to see when the swim team has practice? Got it covered… Need to know the pool hours? Got that covered too….

I love this calendar!  It’s my favorite part of the whole system and it let’s me manage the scheduling of my guards so easily.


Manager, Mohican Pool

Thanks so much for helping with our event form. The event was so much smoother this year thanks to the implementation of the form and the Google Sheet to collect all of the info.


President, Avondale

The Tale of Lost Party Revenue

One of our pools has seen substantial revenue increases as a result of implementing both the Event Organiser calendar and the Booking Tool. In the past, their parties were scheduled by paper form and an initial $50 fee was charged as a deposit, and all guest passes needed were to be added to the party at the time of the event. With no process in place to collect those fees, the income was never captured. They implemented the Booking Tool and allowed the member to choose a date and time for their party online, enter how many guests would be attending and if they would be using the grills. That slot was now used so no one else could book it, controlling the number of guests and parties at one time.

The notification was routed to the pool manager and the events coordinator at the pool, enabling them to schedule the appropriate number of guards that day. The event was written to the Event Organiser calendar and could be viewed by staff to plan for all upcoming parties and members could also see that a large party was already booked at that time.

When the member checked in with their guests, if there were not enough available guest passes in the account, the front desk attendant was able to add the appropriate number of passes to the member account, without having to collect any fees.

What had been a $50 party, became $300 or more for each party and the revenue was collected easily and with minimal input from the front desk attendant. The result? An increase in revenue to over $4000 annually, more than enough to cover the cost of their Member Splash fees from just this one process change alone!

Event Calendar Screen shots