Why Photo Verification is a Must at Pool Check-In

Tired of having people come to the pool who have not paid? Is a family only paying for 2 members but sending 4 to the pool?  With photo verification you can verify the Picture to the Person to the Payment.

If your process for getting members through the front door is a bit lacking, we have the answer. Our unique check-in process allows the clubs to have photo ids on account for each member. Also displayed at check-in are the ages, emergency contact info, waiver information and any check-in notes which allow notifications to go to the guards about specific members. It’s easy and fast which makes it a breeze to train your guards to efficiently check in the members.Member Splash Software offers:

  • Front desk check-in system showing member photos, payment status, and allows for guest pass purchases.
  • Supports barcode scanning for clubs that use ID cards.
  • All member and guest check-ins recorded in visits database.
  • Built-in webcam support and drag-and-drop image uploading and cropping allow you to store member pictures and verify identity at the front desk.
  • Staff has quick and easy access to emergency contacts and check-in notes for each account.

With check-in photo verification you can cut down on late payments, eliminate troublesome members and make your pool a safer and more secure place to be next summer and that is what everyone wants!