Version 5.2.28

Point of Sale

  • Point of sale now supports check and credit as payment method
  • If credit is an option you can choose to have the system record the processing fee by entering the percentage and (optional) per transaction fee
  • The Point of Sale Orders screen now includes the payment method
  • The Point of Sale Orders screen CSV download button has been adjusted to make it more clear that it is clickable
  • The Point of Sales Orders screen CSV downloads now include the payment method
  • Code optimization to speed up the Point of Sale product search substantially
  • Cleaned up the styling of the Point of Sale item buttons so they are uniform in appearance
  • Removed bill-to-account as a payment option on Point of Sale guest and employee orders to prevent accidental selection. Cash, credit and check are the only options. Cash is the default option for both guest and employee orders.
  • Removed employee discount from Point of Sale guest orders.
  • Added support for printing receipts with Point of Sale orders
  • Added option to print receipts automatically after every order or have the cashier choose Print or Skip
  • Added validation to the Submit Order button that disables it when no items are currently in the cart
  • Add an option to set the Club Name that appears at the top of the receipt (max 20 characters)
  • Updated the Point of Sale Orders screen to make sure bill-to-account orders that have already been billed are not displayed
  • Added field to mark items as potentially having options / prep notes. If checked when that item is selected an option window will present. Ex: For a hamburger you might add “Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, medium well.” This will be included on printed receipts.
  • Set the options text area to be auto-focused when the modal opens and bound the Enter key to submit so you can quickly type the directions and submit the item without taking your hands off the keyboard
  • When selecting an item the matching results are not automatically cleared anymore. Focus is returned to the search box but you can continue to select matching items until you start typing
  • Added support for 80mm wide thermal printers. Default is 58mm but the size can be set via a new setting in the Point of Sale settings
  • Added a column to the List Products screen to show which items have the options / prep note field selected
  • Added Quick Edit support to Point of Sale Items so you can tag them as having options or not quickly from the main list of items
  • Optimized initial query that fetches members for lookup at Point of Sale
  • Increased the size of the member pictures in the results


  • *INTERNAL: Added an option to allow for duplicate orders to be sent to when testing payments
  • Updated post purchase actions to fix an edge case where a payment that triggered an account type change might not have correctly updated access to protected pages / content
  • Added additional preset date ranges to the date range picker such as Last Year
  • Changed default on View Bills to show all bills created in the current year ordered by most recent first
  • Improved sending of past due bill reminders on View Bills to make it faster to send multiple
  • Added payment date and method columns to View Bills screen


  • Updated form entries export function to export member names instead of ID numbers when using the Member Select field


  • Updated Dashboard Visits report to offer additional pre-set date ranges. The visits chart now groups visits for a selected date by hour; up to 1 month by day; and greater than 1 month by month;

Users & Roles

  • * INTERNAL: Removed admin role and users from WP Users list view
  • Restricted new users to a single role (i.e. someone can have the member role or board role but not both)
  • Removed unused Roles from the summary count at the top of the Users table
  • Fixed issues when adding a new user on a legacy site that isn’t part of the new network
  • Added a sortable payment status column to the List Members screen in the Dashboard
  • Added necessary permissions for Events Calendar and News Ticker to the default Board role

Front Desk

  • Fixed guest credit purchases recording as cash even when another payment method was selected
  • Moved check-in note to initial screen so you see it as soon as you select an account
  • Fixed bug where guard could add a guest without entering a required guest name by hitting enter in a blank name field
  • Improved performance of API call to fetch accounts for check-in
  • Added check on Photos screen so that it will load member data if called directly (didn’t start on the main Dashboard screen or Checkin screen and then click on the Photos tab)

Manage Accounts

  • Added payment status indicator for each member