Point of Sale Permissions

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You can set the permissions for Point of Sale (POS) so that the guards or snack bar personnel only have so much access.  And managers or board members may have more.

In Users/Roles, click on the Member Splash settings tab (you will need admin authority to do this step):

Click the appropriate level of view for your staff for each of these options.  Staff need:

  1. POS Place Orders
  2. POS Edit Orders (for mistakes that get made)
  3. POS Delete Orders (for mistakes that get made)

Managers and Board members should have access to:

  1. POS Create Bills
  2. POS View Bills
  3. POS Manage Settings

In the following graphic, permissions have been set for a staff role:

The settings for POS are found on the tool bar to the right in the POS screen.  You can set all the options for:

  1. What payment options you’ll accept
  2. The default payment option
  3. If you need to set credit card fees, how much they are.
  4. Employee Discount % can be set
  5. Printing – you can enable it or disable it