Picture your summer scene at the pool or club, bubbling with excitement as members dive into all the cool stuff you offer through Member Splash. From booking events to signing up for classes, the Member Splash platform is like the beat of your community’s heart. But let’s face it, trying to make the most of it while juggling everything else can feel like doing a cannonball into a kiddie pool.

Enter Managed Member Splash – your secret sauce for turning up the volume on your Member Splash experience. In this article, we’re diving into the awesome perks of Managed Member Splash and how it’s like having a poolside lifeguard for your admin duties.

For many administrators, particularly board volunteers, managing Member Splash can be just one of many hats they wear, with time and resources as scarce as poolside lounge chairs on a hot day. But ensuring seamless platform operation stands as a primary objective for boards.  Managed Member Splash recognizes these challenges and throws you a floatie, offering top-notch guidance and support every stroke of the way, providing a lifeline for busy administrators.

Managed Member Splash isn’t just a service – it’s like adding a turbo boost to your admin toolkit. Whether you want to streamline events, customize your calendar, or get fancy with sign-ups, we’ve got your backstroke covered. With our expert squad at your service, you can trust us to handle the details or offer up tips to make a splash with Member Splash and unlock its full potential for your crew.

Form Creation and Customization: Designing, customizing and troubleshooting forms, such as event registration and rental forms, waivers, board elections, surveys, team and camp sign ups.

Calendar and Blog Events Management: Effectively manage and promote club events and activities through integrated calendar and blog features, ensuring seamless communication and engagement with members.

Reservation System Setup and Optimization: Implementing and fine-tuning the reservation system for pool lanes, tennis and pickleball courts, and other facilities to maximize efficiency and member satisfaction.

Event Management Support: Assisting with event planning, promotion, and QR code ticketing and check in to ensure seamless execution of club events and activities.

Member Communication: Optimizing member communication channels, including email newsletters, announcements, and alerts, to keep members informed and engaged.

Membership Database Management: Maintaining and updating membership databases with accurate member information, renewal status, and payment records for smooth administrative operations.

Training and Onboarding Assistance: In addition to our Member Splash University training videos, we offer comprehensive training and onboarding sessions for new administrators to familiarize them with Member Splash features and best practices.

Consultation on Platform Optimization: Offering expert consultation and recommendations for optimizing Member Splash configurations and workflows to enhance user experience and administrative efficiency.