At Member Splash, we strive to provide tools that enhance the efficiency and organization of club management. Two critical features that support these goals are our Check In and Account Notes. These features help keep both front desk staff and administrators informed, ensuring smooth operations and exceptional member service. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the functionalities of Check In and Account Notes, demonstrating how they can be effectively utilized to manage member interactions and account statuses.

Understanding Check In Notes:

What Are Check In Notes? Check In Notes are visible to both administrators and front desk staff, serving as a quick reference for important information about members. These notes ensure that all team members are on the same page regarding each member’s specific needs and statuses.  An administrator or staff with specific capabilites can add or edit Check In notes when editing the account.

Typical Check In Notes Include:

  1. Lap Swim Privileges: Indicates whether a member has access to lap swimming lanes. This helps front desk staff manage avoid conflicts.
  2. Reminder to Pay Outstanding Charges: Alerts staff to remind members about any unpaid dues or fees. In addition to automated emails when bills are sent, this ensures that financial obligations are communicated promptly, helping maintain the club’s financial health.
  3. Call Property Management Office Regarding Account: Notifies staff to inform the member to contact the property management office for issues related to their account. This could include account updates, delinquencies or violations, or important notices.
  4. Swim Test Results for Children: Records the outcomes of swim tests for children, indicating their swimming proficiency. This helps in assigning appropriate swimming areas and ensuring safety.

Benefits of Check-In Notes:

  • Improved Communication: Ensures all staff members are aware of important member information.
  • Enhanced Member Experience: Provides personalized service based on specific member needs and statuses.
  • Operational Efficiency: Reduces the need for repeated explanations and manual tracking, streamlining front desk operations.

Understanding Account Notes:

What Are Account Notes? Account Notes are visible only to administrators and contain detailed records related to a member’s account history. These notes help administrators manage account statuses and track important account-related activities. In addition, account notes can be easily sorted and filtered under the Membership menu option.

Typical Account Notes Include:

  1. Account Closure: Provides the date and reason for account closures. This is essential for maintaining accurate records and understanding membership trends.
  2. Exchange, Sale, or Refund of Bonds or Stock: Tracks transactions related to the exchange, sale, or refund of membership bonds or stock. This ensures transparency and accurate financial records.
  3. Guest Passes: Records the issuance of comped guest passes, including the date and reason. This helps manage guest access and monitor guest pass usage.
  4. Waitlist Movement: Notes changes in a member’s position on the waitlist. This is crucial for managing new memberships and keeping prospective members informed about their status.

Benefits of Account Notes:

  • Accurate Record-Keeping: Ensures that all account-related activities are documented and easily accessible, transitioning information to new boards.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Provides a detailed account history, aiding in membership management decisions.
  • Transparency: Enhances trust by maintaining clear and detailed records of all significant account activities.

Check In and Account Notes are invaluable tools in the Member Splash platform, designed to enhance communication, streamline operations, and ensure accurate record-keeping. By effectively utilizing these features, clubs can provide exceptional service to their members while maintaining efficient and organized management processes.   For more tips on optimizing your use of Member Splash or to learn more about our features, stay tuned to the Member Splash blog. Share your experiences with Check In and Account Notes on social media using #MemberSplashEfficiency.