Streamline your Summer Events with Ticket QR Codes

Introduction: Summer is synonymous with poolside fun, but managing event registration and check-in for large groups can be a logistical challenge. Fortunately, Member Splash can now leverage QR codes to significantly streamline these processes, making them more efficient for both organizers and attendees. Member Splash Essentials and Premium customers can take advantage of this new feature this summer with minimal setup. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to implement this functionality to enhance your pool’s summer events.

Online Pre-Registration: First, get everyone to pre-register online. This way, you collect all necessary info like names, contact details, and payments upfront. With Member Splash’s pre-registration forms, you can make sure only members can sign up, cap the number of attendees, and even set a closing date for registrations. It’s like having your ducks (or swimmers) all in a row!

QR Code Generation: Once someone registers, they’ll get an email with a unique QR code. This code is their golden ticket to the event.

Customized QR Codes: Each QR code is personalized with the attendee’s details, ensuring a smooth and quick check-in process. Member Splash settings will ensure these codes can’t be shared to prevent any double-dipping.

Efficient Check-In:  On event day, set up multiple Event Check-in points with smartphones or tablets ready to scan QR codes. As attendees arrive, staff or volunteers can quickly scan the QR codes, marking them as present and updating the attendance list in real-time. Say goodbye to paper lists and long waits – this process is as quick as a cannonball into the pool!

Try it Yourself

Daily Entrace Passes: But why stop there: leverage this functionality for Daily Entrance Passes for non-member registration, waiver compliance, payment, and check-in—all in one! Enhance every aspect of your management process and provide a seamless experience for all your guests.

Conclusion: Using QR codes for event registration and check-in can transform your pool’s summer events into smooth, enjoyable experiences for everyone. Member Splash makes it a breeze for Essentials and Premium customers to dive into this technology with minimal setup. Embrace the power of QR codes to boost efficiency, accuracy, and attendee satisfaction at your summer events.

Resources: For our Essentials and Premium customers, check out our Support Article on Digital Ticketing or allow our team to set it up for you by booking through Managed Member Splash. Interested in this feature and want to learn about upgrades? Fill out an Upgrade inquiry today.