Online Payment Processing

Online Payment Processing

Member Splash offers a suite of tools for managing your swim club’s members, guests, payments and wait list. Save time, collect more money, enjoy the summer.

Paper checks, spreadsheets, Access database, punch cards, note cards. We’ve seen it all! Stop using manual methods and move to a complete online registration process which is safe, efficient and easy for your members. It also leads to much cleaner report data for your treasurer and the ability to understand how your members are paying for their products. For instance, in most of our clubs we know that the overwhelming majority choose to pay by credit card.

I think it is an awesome product and was sad that it took our board a few years to purchase the full product.

Debbie Perreault

Membership Chair, Pinecrest Swim Club

Managing our membership is so efficient now.  We collected $20K in online dues payments in the first 24 hours!  Member Splash saves us so much time.  We collected over 30 annual dues payments in the first 24 hours!


Membership Chair, Annapolis, MD

Introducing Online Payments

For one pool the process to collect money meant making a pile of checks, which approximated which type of membership pile they were in. Deposits were made for these piles of checks and at some point in the fall there was a reconciliation of how many of those were for active membership, how many for temporary, etc. The process was hugely inefficient and while it could somewhat reflect how many members were in the “piles” the effort was very, very manual. A single check came in per family which might have covered many different types of purchases but there was no way to differentiate what they had purchased.

There was apprehension that members would be upset with the online fees and resist them. Yet in reality, all members were happy to pay with their favorite cards, ApplePay or other cards which let them accumulate cash back and points. For many of the younger families they don’t even have checkbooks anymore and online payments were simply their reality and expectation.

With online payments from Member Splash, not only can the membership now take advantage of using their credit cards to pay for things like dues and guest passes, but also party products, pavilion rentals and team gear. The collection process is fast and easy so the membership chair and treasurer could see on a daily basis just how much the pool had collected and for exactly what product! And since mistakes happen or members change their minds, the process to refund all or part of a transaction could not be simpler and can be accomplished now via the interface.

For members the difference is quite stark in that they have complete access to their open charges, their bills and payments and their account management itself. Because this pool allows members to add, delete and change their own members they are in charge and can quickly add new members and pay for them – all in real time.

Like any process where you allow members to pay by credit card, this greatly enhanced the bottom line of the pool, allowed them to collect late fees for payments not made on time and created revenue which went through the roof for food sales!

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