Member Account Database

Member Account Database

Member Splash offers a suite of tools for managing your swim club’s members, guests, payments and wait list. Save time, collect more money, enjoy the summer.

We maintain easy to use member accounts where they can add their family members, nannies, grandparents, babysitters, house guests, etc. All of the products a member buys at the club each year will be captured as orders in their account. And with our flexibility and ability to help clubs with their complicated membership structures, we can handle just about any situation. And we are proud of just how “easy on the eyes” the user interface is!

Managing our membership is so efficient now.  We collected $20K in online dues payments in the first 24 hours! Member Splash saves us so much time.  We collected over 30 annual dues payments in the first 24 hours!



Christine J

Membership Chair, Annapolis, MD

It’s been so easy to take over as Secretary after we transitioned to Member Splash. I love the system. Our membership has been completely full and we’ve had very few families pay late now that everything is so easy to pay online. Our lifeguards found it really easy to sign in members and we now have pretty accurate data for guard scheduling. 

Beth Shaw

Secretary, Watermont Swim Club

Why It’s So Hard to Recruit a Treasurer for the Pool

Like so many other pools, this pool was using a collection of an Access database and punchcards to manage their membership registration process. The treasurer had to print out invoices for 400 families, mail them and then process their return with checks. The process took hours upon hours of his time. And with no way to ensure a timely return check in the mail, it was often months before he had an accurate view of the membership details and revenue. And it all had to be entered into the system by hand.

At the core of Member Splash is the account database, which holds the information for every member of a family, their history of purchases, their birth dates, the membership products they are allowed to purchase, their payment status and more. Once Member Splash was implemented, this allowed the treasurer to be able to run a report showing the payment status of every member of the club with a single, quick and easy report!

So with the implementation of Member Splash, not only could the membership now pay their bills online, but the revenue was deposited instantly into the bank account. The accurate Member Splash reports broke down the details of the payment so the treasurer was now aware of the source of the income: what was a base fee, what was an assessment, what was an annual dues fee and what was guest credits.

By implementing a form for both the waitlist and membership bond sales, the process became cleaner and the ability to smoothly process both the incoming and outgoing members became a breeze.  In fact, the waitlist process is so smooth that the fees collected from it each year more than cover the fee for Member Splash each year.  It easily pays for itself annually in the efficiencies gained from a single process improvement.

Now the treasurer and the board is aware in real time of the registration details and can use the information to effectively manage their club. What was once a “bucket” of money is now a detailed analysis of the club’s income and where it’s coming from. They are now able to understand where their income is coming from and can budget for future years based on the knowledge of this year’s collection process.

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