Built on WordPress

Built on WordPress

Member Splash offers a suite of tools for managing your swim club’s members, guests, payments and wait list. Save time, collect more money, enjoy the summer.

Member Splash is built on top of WordPress, the most popular content management system in the world, estimated to run approximately one third of all websites! Most clients have board members who have used WP before, and it is extremely user friendly — if you can use Microsoft Office you can use WP.

Member Splash is a complete package. All maintenance, upgrades and support are included in the annual subscription fee. If you prefer to use another service for email — for example Google Apps — you can do that. A number of clubs have had us transfer the domain name and manage that as well — we pay the annual renewal fee.

It’s been so easy to take over as Secretary after we transitioned to Member Splash. I love the system. Our membership has been completely full and we’ve had very few families pay late now that everything is so easy to pay online. Our lifeguards found it really easy to sign in members and we now have pretty accurate data for guard scheduling.

Beth Shaw - Secretary, Watermont Swim Club

I have drank the MemberSplash KoolAid and love it. The ease of use and they fact that I can run it on my phone is wonderful. I prefer it on my notebook. The members, staff, and Board are very happy with it as well. And the money is great too. So far just over $6K in guest fees! The prepayment for guests fees is a huge time saver. Anyways… I LOVE IT and it has made my life so much easier. 

Kim McCray, Swan Lake Swim Club

Easy Backend Management


One of our pools as a board member who is 71 years young. She has, without a background in any technology, been able to learn how to use Member Splash, reports, edit pages, change calendar entries, create posts. Her ability to rapidly learn to use her system is due to the ease of Word Press and a theme which has a drag and drop base, making it extremely easy for non programmers to edit and design beautiful pages.

Teaching her to use this system has been a pleasure as we’ve watched her take her pool from a near disaster to well functioning. If any of her job had required complicated programming she would not have been able to pick up the system and work with it so rapidly. It’s the Word Press backend which creates a content management system this easy for her to use and excel in.

And while she’s busy learning the ins and outs of her system, we’ve kept it up to date, secure and backed up in case of any emergency. She never had to worry about any of that or learn something that would have likely been beyond her comprehension. As her learning progresses, she plans to pick up all of the forms creation. She’s already become quite an expert in managing the results of the forms as the RSVP and roster lists have been created for her to manage the flow of members in certain activities.

In every pool, we have stories like this where volunteers have been able to learn how to use their systems and say, “this is so easy!”

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