Auto Waitlist Management

Auto Wait List


Member Splash offers a suite of tools for managing your swim club’s members, guests, payments and wait list. Save time, collect more money, enjoy the summer.

For many pools, their waitlist is an important part of the health of their pool and having a strong system of attracting new members and integrating them into the pool quickly is our forte. Start with an easy form and have the new members create an automatic account. They start in a protected group where they remain until the club is ready to offer them a membership in the club. No more spreadsheets, no more stickie notes, no more complicated or outdated applications to worry about.


It’s been so easy to take over as Secretary after we transitioned to Member Splash. I love the system. Our membership has been completely full and we’ve had very few families pay late now that everything is so easy to pay online. Our lifeguards found it really easy to sign in members and we now have pretty accurate data for guard scheduling. 

Beth Shaw, Watermont Pool

Overall, we had very few complaints and our gatekeepers, many who are older, had only positive things to say. 

Nancy, Mt. Vernon Pool

Grow Your Future Membership

At a medium sized pool in the Mid-Atlantic, the community is part of an area where the demand for pools is fairly strong. So prospective members have a tendency to be on multiple lists at the same time. This pool recognized that and wanted to ensure that they would be able to grow their list and ensure potential new members would stay on their list and accept membership when it was offered. They charged a $50 fee to join the list and have been able to collect over $5000 annually as a result and grow their list by over 100 new members per year.

Because the process was online and automated, the membership chair was able to keep a running list of how many new members they were bringing in and easily manage the process of offering them membership when the time came and slots opened up. With a form, there were entries and reporting capabilities that let them know how their growth compared to the past years and if they were on track to grow at or above the same pace. They understand that their long term growth is tied to the new members they are attracting today!

Their Member Splash fee is $3500 per year. I’ve heard them say that for them it’s not an expense but a way for them to ensure they can make that $5000 over and over again consistently. They actually have several other examples where they have collected more money as a result of a process they can make efficient!

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