Revolutionize Your Poolside Snack Bar with Member Splash POS

As the summer season heats up, pool clubs across the country are preparing for a surge in member activity. Managing snack bar transactions efficiently is crucial to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for members. Enter the Member Splash Point of Sale (POS) system—a game-changing solution designed to streamline sales, enhance financial controls, and boost revenue. Let’s explore how this innovative system can revolutionize your club’s snack bar operations.

Streamlined Transactions and Enhanced Financial Controls

The Member Splash POS system offers a seamless way to manage transactions at your snack bar. Members can easily bill purchases to their accounts, eliminating the need to carry cash or credit cards that could get wet or lost at the pool. This billing method not only increases convenience but also boosts sales, as members are more likely to make purchases when they can simply charge them to their account.

Moreover, financial controls are a critical aspect of any POS system, and Member Splash excels in this area. Automated sales tracking reduces errors and prevents revenue loss, ensuring that every transaction is accurately recorded. Admins can generate invoices and send them directly to members’ accounts, providing a clear and transparent record of all purchases. This feature helps maintain financial integrity and ensures timely payment collection.

Comprehensive Sales Tracking and Forecasting

Understanding sales trends is essential for running a successful snack bar, and the Member Splash POS system provides detailed itemized sales tracking. This feature allows you to monitor which products are selling well and identify any that may need attention. With this information at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions about stock levels, promotions, and pricing strategies.

The system reporting tools can easily become a forecasting feature that helps you predict future demand based on past sales data. This capability ensures that you maintain optimal inventory levels, reducing waste and ensuring that popular items are always available. Accurate forecasting helps you manage costs and improve profitability.

Flexible Billing and Simplified Account Reporting

The Member Splash POS system offers flexible billing options, allowing members to pay by cash, credit card, or bill their purchases to their account. This flexibility enhances the member experience, catering to different payment preferences and making it easier for everyone to enjoy their time at the pool.

To streamline your financial management further, the POS system can combine reporting with QuickBooks. This reporting process ensures that all your sales data is accurately recorded and easily accessible, simplifying accounting and financial reporting. With this powerful combination, you can maintain a clear and comprehensive view of your club’s financial health.

Simplified Credit Card Reader Integration with Member Splash POS

Integrating in-person credit card payments at your pool’s front desk or snack bar is seamless with the Member Splash POS system. For in-person card payments, you must use the ECRYPT gateway provided by Preferred Payments. Card readers, which can be purchased from Preferred Payments, are not included in the Member Splash service fee. Multiple readers can be linked to your account, with defaults set for different areas such as the front desk, tennis shop, and snack bar. We offer a cloud-based solution with terminals from Preferred Payments and their ECRYPT platform, ensuring you can easily manage card payments. Here’s how to get started:


The Member Splash POS system is a must-have for any pool club looking to enhance its snack bar operations. With its streamlined transactions, robust financial controls, unlimited product types, detailed sales tracking, and flexible billing options, this system provides everything you need to boost efficiency and increase revenue. Embrace the future of poolside sales with Member Splash POS and create a seamless, enjoyable experience for your members.