Need New Revenue Streams? Ask Us How Today!

Being “scared of making change” doesn’t exist when you’re making “actual dollars” with Member Splash. Read that again.

Increase your revenue stream! Go digital and never look back at all the self-inflicted and unnecessary costs currently at your club—-Instead, look forward to the new digital revenue streams Member Splash can give you when you turn “change” into actual dollars!

Just say No…No-ing saves you lots of $!

  • No more mailing.
  • No more invoicing membership.
  • No more cards, punch cards, barcodes, replacement cards or printing.
  • No more phone calls.
  • No more setting member reservations.
  • No more missed guest fees.
  • No more strangers at your club.
  • No more membership sharing with outsiders.
  • No more paper forms.
  • No more transcribing.
  • No more staffing concerns.
  • No more cash box for the snack bar.
  • No more checks (if you want that too!).
  • No more hassles!…we could go on, but we’ll say NO too!

Go Digital…And Go Green $$$!

  • Digital sign ups and waitlist.
  • Digital self serve portal for member offerings (and admin abilities for those that need extra help changing to digital!).
  • Digital payments (batched into you merchant account at the end of each day).
  • Digital reporting/sorting.
  • Digital communication.
  • Digital picture check in.
  • Digital guest passes.
  • Digital care provider add-ons for a small fee.
  • Digital visit reports (for attendance look ups, guest tracking/inviting new members, staffing data, partial summer July/Aug membership data for more membership offerings and more!).
  • Digital point of sale for snack bar.
  • Digital sponsorship plugs ins.
  • Digital merch store.
  • Digital forms with payments for every need at the club.
  • Digital website options.
  • Digital support.
  • Digital “everything in one platform” for your team!…we’re digitally exhausted writing all of this!

Never look back…just count the dollars!

What are you waiting for? An invite! Here it is: Speak to us today and start “creating” (notice we didn’t say saving, because that’s in the platform price tag already) more revenue for your club. Time is money too, so don’t let the time slip away before next season starts again—-let’s talk about the money and revenue your club could be creating today!

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