Member Splash offers a suite of tools for managing your swim club’s members, guests, payments and wait list. We help our member clubs save time, increase revenue, improve communications, and save money. What follows is a case study of a Member Splash club that utilized built-in reporting capabilities to identify attendance trends and formulate measures to reduce cost.

Background – A long-time Member Splash customer decided to take a harder look at the pool schedule and utilization. In early summer – prior to school summer break – the club operated a weekday schedule of 1PM to 9PM. However, club staff observed very low early afternoon pool attendance during this time that local schools were in session. But how low? Enough to make pool hour and staffing level changes?

Approach – Without hard data, it was difficult for the Board to arrive at a plan of action.

Some obvious questions need answers:

  • How many members actually use the pool at various times?
  • Are staffing levels appropriate for the number of members coming to the pool?
  • Should the club consider either reducing staff or reducing hours?
  • What will the impact be on club expenses if adjustments can be made?

Analysis – Using the Member Splash attendance tracking information that is stored in the database, the club was able to determine actual usage of the pool during weekdays while school is in session. Here’s what the club was able to determine:

In summary, prior to the start of school summer vacation average pool attendance prior to 3PM was just 6 members! And to support pool hours from 1PM to 3PM the daily staffing cost for the pool manager plus lifeguards is $105.

Recommendation and Cost Savings – By changing pool hours to more closely match pool usage i.e. opening at 3PM on weekdays while school is still in session – the club stands to save $1,470. That’s calculated simply as $105 daily cost savings * 14 days of revised pool hours. These cost savings alone cover 75% of the Member Splash subscription fee.

Closing Thoughts – The real-time tracking of member check-ins is a standard feature of the Member Splash solution. Historical data is stored and available at any time to examine and analyze member attendance patterns. Actual attendance data can be used to make informed decisions on staffing levels and pool hours.