Built for pools by pool people!

Why Member Splash?

Member Splash provides all key membership management functionality for your swim club. Our system will save you time, save you money and ensure your club captures the revenues it deserves.

Member Splash is the only membership platform that is built specifically for swim clubs.  We understand and support the unique pricing structures, account types and club rules you work with.

See why over 50 swim clubs in 13 states choose Member Splash to manage their club memberships.

Front Desk with Photo Check-in
Online Payment Processing
Personal Migration Guide + MORE!

Save time

Creating individual invoices, managing multiple spreadsheets and running checks to the bank takes time. Updating email addresses and sending out four versions of the same email to different user groups takes more time.

You didn’t sign up for a full-time job when you volunteered for this role. Why are you spending countless evening and weekend hours getting it done?

Member Splash gives you the gift of efficiency. Collect hundreds of dues payments in minutes with electronic invoicing and online payments. Send out bulk email communication quickly and with confidence, knowing your email list is continually synced with current member information. Never update another spreadsheet!

You’ll love the time it doesn’t take to manage your volunteer role.

Increase revenue

You know how it goes.  The family that manages to squeak through the season without paying.  The ‘guest’ who uses the pool more than you do. The neighbor kid’s best friend who they claim is part of the family.  The waitlist that takes forever to manage, leaving memberships unfilled. All of this means lost revenue for your club.

Member Splash eliminates these headaches.   Our front-desk check-in system displays payment status immediately.  No pay, no play. Photo ID ensures that the person checking in is the person on the account.  Guest tracking means increased guest fee revenues and controlled guest use of the pool. Automated waitlist management means maximizing memberships and maximizing revenues.

Member Splash doesn’t just pay for itself – it increases club revenues.

Save money

Paper, ink, envelopes, stamps…it all adds up.  Eliminate those costs with electronic invoicing.  

Staffing levels higher than they need to be? Our Visits Report helps you identify periods of slower pool use where labor costs can be tweaked.  

Still paying for a bulk email product? Or laminated membership cards? Or a contract accountant?  Or web hosting? You can get rid of those expenses, too. Your Member Splash subscription includes all the tools you need to make good business decisions that will save your club money.  

Don’t let another season go by with extra expenses.  Implement Member Splash and save your club time and money.

The Basics Plan



The Basics Plan provides all key membership management functionality: member account database, secure online payments, front desk check-in, guest tracking, bulk email communication, standard reporting and automated waitlist management. It exists as a stand-alone product accessed via a link on customer’s existing website. One flat fee. No add-ons. Price includes unlimited members and a 2-hour training session to familiarize Board members and pool employees with the platform. Web-based. Can be used on any computer or laptop with internet connectivity. Supports cashless “Bill to Account” for clubs that offer this feature.


The Essentials Plan



The Essentials Plan goes beyond the basics of membership management to bring end-to-end business solutions to your club. In addition to all the key membership functionality that the Basics Plan delivers, the Essentials Plan offers two additional products to drive efficiency and revenue to your club. Online Registration Forms allow members to easily register and pay for events, lessons, camps, classes and facility rentals. Online registration is easier for your members, simpler for your administrators, and leads to more registrations and revenue for your club. The Point of Sale system streamlines sales transactions and payments at your snack bar. Automated sales means fewer errors, less lost revenue, faster service and happier customers. Win. Win. Win.


The Premium Plan



The Premium Plan provides all advanced membership management features PLUS a customized WordPress website, a dynamic Events Calendar and a full-service Reservation Booking system. Includes web-hosting, domain name registration and an unlimited number of email addresses for your team. One flat fee. No add-ons. Price includes unlimited members, file sizes, emails and multiple user roles. Completely customized to your Club. No two client setups look the same. Complete migration from your existing website to your new website is handled for you, including up to 10 pages of user content. All sites are fully SSL secured to protect your data.


Happy Customers!

Listen to what some of our current Member Splash customers have to say.

“Managing our membership is so efficient now. Member Splash saves us so much time!”
- Christine

Membership Chair from Annapolis, MD

“The ease of use and the fact that I can run it on my phone is wonderful.  The members, staff and Board are very happy with it as well. And the money is great too!  We’ve seen a huge increase in guest fee revenues.”
- Kim

Club President from Baltimore, MD