Even though summer is over and your club is closed there are still a few things left to do before you call it a wrap on the season. Key among them are resetting accounts to unpaid; removing expired guest credits; and moving accounts that got temporary membership back to waitlist. Below we cover how you can easily perform each task.

Resetting Payment Status

A large number of Member Splash client clubs are seasonal pools that are open from approximately Memorial Day to Labor Day. Approximately is the key word in that sentence. In a year like this one, where COVID caused delayed openings and led many clubs to extend the season by a few weeks, having flexibility as to when memberships should expire comes in handy.

To set your accounts back to unpaid navigate to Membership -> Accounts from the main dashboard:

In this example screenshot we’re using the filters to select all accounts currently marked as paid, regardless of account type. You can save the filter with a name like “All Paid Accounts” so that you can easily select it in the future and skip this step.

Once you have the accounts you’d like to reset showing click on the checkbox at the top left of the accounts list to select them all. If the number of accounts you are resetting exceeds the number displayed in the current page of results you can click on the Select All option.

From the Bulk Actions menu choose Change Payment Status and the click on Start Action to specify the payment status you would like the accounts changed to:

Then just hit the Update button to change the payment status for all of the selected accounts and account members. This will also synchronize the data to any linked external platforms, such as MailChimp.

Changing Account Types

Most seasonal clubs offer both bonded memberships, which require paying a one-time bond fee, and summer-only memberships. Bond holding members typically have a vote on club matters and receive a preferred membership rate. Summer-only members do not have a vote; pay higher membership fees; and are not guaranteed membership in following seasons. Clubs that make summer-only membership offers to people on their waiting list will want to return those accounts to the waiting list once the season is over.

To do that simply select your wait list accounts by using the account filters as explained above and then choose Change Account Type from the bulk actions menu. Choose the account type you wish to change the selected accounts to (Wait List in this example) and hit Update.

Resetting Guest Credits

Many of our clubs sell guest credits that expire at the end of the season. You can automatically reset your guest credits to zero, or set all accounts to have a specific number of credits, by using the Update Guest Credits bulk action. Follow the steps for selecting accounts that are outlined above in Resetting Payment Status. Then choose Update Guest Credits from the bulk actions menu. You have three choices: Add CreditsSet Credits to #, and Reset Credits to 0.

Add Credits will add the specified number of credits to all selected accounts. Set Credits to # will change the number of credits on each of the selected accounts to the number you specify. Reset Credits to 0 will remove any credits remaining on each of the selected accounts.