Driving the Full Potential of Your Swim Club with Member Splash’s Visits Report

Running a swim and tennis club comes with a host of challenges, from managing daily operations to planning events that engage your members. Imagine having a tool that not only simplifies these tasks but also opens new avenues for increasing revenue and cutting costs. Member Splash’s Visits Report does just that. This powerful feature provides real-time, detailed data on member and guest visits, giving you the insights needed to elevate your club’s performance to new heights.

Elevate Event Planning

Every successful event hinges on timing. With the Visits Report, you gain access to real-time data on when your club is busiest. This invaluable information allows you to schedule events during peak times, ensuring maximum attendance and engagement. Conversely, by pinpointing low-traffic periods, you can avoid poorly attended events, making every occasion a hit.

Imagine planning a summer pool party. By analyzing visit patterns, you might discover that Saturday afternoons are your busiest times. Hosting your event then not only guarantees a lively atmosphere but also ensures that your resources are used most effectively.

Forecasting Pool Demand

Understanding your club’s demand trends is crucial for optimizing operations. The Visits Report offers a detailed look at daily and seasonal visit patterns, enabling you to forecast demand with remarkable accuracy. This insight allows you to plan for busy periods and introduce new services or amenities when they will have the most impact.

For example, if you notice a consistent drop in visits during the late summer, you might launch a special promotion or introduce new activities to draw in members. By staying ahead of the curve, you keep your club buzzing with activity all season long.

Optimize Employee Scheduling

Labor costs are a significant expense for any club. Efficient scheduling can save money while ensuring top-notch service. The Visits Report provides the data you need to align your staffing with actual attendance patterns.

If weekdays are generally quiet, you can schedule fewer lifeguards and staff during these times, reallocating them to busier periods. This not only cuts costs but also ensures that your members always receive the attention and safety they expect, no matter how busy it gets.


Strategic Maintenance and Repair Scheduling

Maintenance is a necessary part of keeping your club in top shape, but it shouldn’t interfere with your members’ enjoyment. The Visits Report helps you schedule maintenance during off-peak times, minimizing disruptions.

For instance, if early mornings are typically quiet, scheduling maintenance then can ensure that the pool is pristine and ready for the day’s rush. This strategic planning maintains high standards without inconveniencing your members.

Flexibility in Membership Offerings

Short-term memberships can be an attractive option for potential members who aren’t ready to commit to a full season. The Visits Report can help you determine the best times to offer these memberships without overcrowding your facilities.

If your data shows a drop in visits in August, introducing an “August Only” membership could fill those gaps, bringing in additional revenue and keeping your club lively. This flexibility not only attracts new members but also maximizes the use of your club’s capacity.

Boost Revenue and Cut Costs

Ultimately, the goal of using the Visits Report is to enhance your club’s financial performance. Detailed tracking of guest visits ensures you can accurately charge for passes, capturing all potential revenue. Aligning staffing and maintenance schedules with actual demand reduces operational costs, while data-driven planning keeps members happy and engaged, improving retention.

By utilizing the Visits Report, you’re not just keeping track of visits; you’re unlocking insights that can transform how you run your club. This powerful tool helps you make informed decisions, ensuring your club operates efficiently and profitably.

Getting Started with the Visits Report

Using the Visits Report is straightforward. Simply access the report through the Member Splash dashboard, select your desired date range, and download the data. From there, you can analyze the information using tools like Excel, creating custom reports that suit your needs.

Whether it’s filtering for specific days or creating pivot tables to visualize trends, the Visits Report provides the flexibility to tailor the data to your specific requirements. This ease of use ensures that you can start benefiting from these insights immediately.



Member Splash’s Visits Report is more than just a data collection tool; it’s a gateway to smarter, more efficient club management. By leveraging this feature, you can enhance event planning, optimize resource allocation, streamline staffing, and improve maintenance scheduling. The result is a well-run club that maximizes revenue, minimizes costs, and provides an exceptional experience for all members and guests. Embrace the power of the Visits Report and watch your club thrive.