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This course has been designed to provide the Treasurer with all of the beginner information they need to effectively complete their work using the Member Splash system. It also contains many “trick and tips” that can helps with viewing the finances.

The courses starts with the WordPress Menu Reports, both the Payments as well as the Reports & Exports are covered. These are the most useful of all reports to most treasures.   The course then expands to show you Products, Point of Sale and Bills. Form,  Finally we show you a high level view of the accounting process flow.

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Estimated Time: 33 Minutes

Difficulty: Intermediate


  • Lessons
    • The WordPress Menu Reports (Payments – Reports & Exports)
    • Products
    • Point of Sale
    • Finances
    • Accounting process flow

Course Information

Estimated Time: 33 Minutes

Difficulty: Intermediate


Course Instructor

Jen Yonkos Jen Yonkos Instructor

With over a decade of experience providing software support, Jennifer enjoys helping her users solve problems. She lives with her husband and daughter & swimming is her favorite form of relaxation & exercise!



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