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Front Desk Administration

This Front Desk Admin Course is designed to contain the core functions that Pools Admins need to know in order to manage the system for the club. This course and the Front Desk Staff course are designed to work ‘hand-in glove’. We recommend that Pools Admins compete this course and as well as the Front Desk Staff course so that they understand the setup and how it will impact their front desk staff.

The course starts with the Member Splash Settings which are your global settings.  It continues with your Front Desk Check-in Settings which are found on the Dashboard.  It follows with your Visits report and a full overview of Reservations.  For those clients that will be using our Point of Sale system we show you how to set up your items for sale. A basic review on Bills is also included. Lastly, we finish with an easy lesson on Check-in notes.

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Estimated Time: 62 Minutes

Difficulty: Intermediate


  • Lessons
    • Member Splash Settings
    • Front Desk Check-in Settings Dashboard
    • Visits Report
    • Reservations
    • Point of Sale
    • Finances
    • Creating Check-In Notes

Course Information

Estimated Time: 62 Minutes

Difficulty: Intermediate


Course Instructor

Jen Yonkos Jen Yonkos Instructor

With over a decade of experience providing software support, Jennifer enjoys helping her users solve problems. She lives with her husband and daughter & swimming is her favorite form of relaxation & exercise!



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