Let’s make a survey!

Surveys are a great way to find out how you are performing in the eyes of your members! Since surveys are handled online now, the hard work of analyzing the responses is automatically done for you. Member Splash Premium members can create surveys inside Gravity Forms, and there are plenty of online resources as well like Surveymonkey.com, which provide detailed services to create surveys and collect your data with a variety of data analysis tools.

Why is a survey a good idea?

Your members are likely to appreciate that you care about their opinions. Anonymous surveys empower participants to say what they really think, because they can safely be honest. You may assume that all your members love the new lifeguards or furniture, but by providing a forum for feedback, you can get the truth – without the budget hit and the expensive consultancy. So give audience to their voice, and they will equip you with the information to make sound decisions about your club.

How will their feedback help me?

If you make surveys a habit over the course of a few seasons, you can start to make comparisons from year to year. Center the survey questions around the main goals for your swim club and compare. If you’ve identified problem areas to target, a later survey will inform you whether the steps you’ve taken were effective. Now you’re upwardly trending!

When should I send it and what should I say?

Seasonal clubs may not want to wait until the season is completely over to send out surveys.

You need a good sample size for your survey, and don’t want the few overly positive or hypercritical voices to imbalance any results. Sending it out before the very end of the season gives you the ability to remind your members about completing the survey. Otherwise, consider offering incentives for completing the survey such as a free treat at the snack bar or a free guest pass. Here are a few more tips from a grizzled survey veteran, Chris Jones:

  • Select replies on a scale from 1-5 or 1-10 over true/false. Numerical metrics make it easy to compare year to year and to provide real statistics.

“Over 80% of our members agree we need to replace the diving board.”

  • Break up the surveys to specific topics a few times a summer if seasonal, don’t try to put it all into one long survey. If there are major issues in other areas that you are not aware about, your members can alert you in the comment box.
  • If a survey looks short and simple, your members are more likely to complete it. Use a minimum number of questions and keep your questions short.  
  • Make sure someone looks it over, don’t be sloppy!

Your initial request for feedback should come as its own email message to your members – don’t pack it in with a lot of other correspondence.

Subject: Member feedback requested, please complete our survey

The body text or header of the survey can include something like this:

Thank you for being a special part of the Swim Club this year!

We’d like to collect some feedback to review the past and plan for the future. To better understand how we can improve the value Swim Club provides to our members, we’re offering a survey and requesting your participation. This survey consists of # questions and should only take a few minutes to complete.

Remember, the most important thing about doing a survey isn’t actually the survey itself, it’s what you do with the results, and how you communicate the results back to your board or members. If you ask your questions right, you’ll glean enough value in the resulting information to form an action plan for success. Here is a list of sample questions you might want to include, or a template for how to phrase them to get the information you need.








How did you feel about the cleanliness of the Swim Club?

  • Lobby
  • Bathrooms
  • Pool Deck
  • Main Pool
  • Kids Pool

What was your impression of the Swim Club grounds?

  • General Landscaping
    Picnic Area
  • Grills
  • Deck Furniture
  • Umbrellas

How did you feel about the staff members?

  • Lifeguards
  • Manager
  • Front Desk

How would you rate your experience over the entire season?

1-5 satisfaction

The swim club creates a positive environment for families

(agree disagree)

The website is valuable, functional, and has relevant information

(agree disagree)

How did you find out about Swim Club before you joined
Friends told me about the pool
Flyer from school or daycare
Realtor gave me information
Drive by or Walk in Club
Signs up in community/neighborhood


What is the most important contributing factor in your enjoyment of Swim Club?
Little or no crowds
Social environment
Quality of facilities (physical equipment and routine maintenance)
Quality of services (lifeguards)
Hours of operation
Ability to grill, bring in or order food
Activities offered (swim lesson, tennis, swim and dive team, family social events)
Tennis Courts  
Other (please describe):


What is the one issue that you feel should be addressed to improve Swim Club?

Quality of facilities (physical equipment and routine maintenance)
Quality of services (lifeguards/staff)
Hours of operation
Activities offered (swim lessons, tennis, swim and dive team, family social events)
Improvements to non‐pool facilities (tennis courts, volleyball court, basketball shuffle board)
Other ____________


If you have children, are they involved in any of the following (check all that apply):
No children
Swim Team
Dive Team

Tennis Lessons
Non‐swim/dive team activities

Children are too young for these activities (5 and under)
None of the above


What do you feel is the greatest strength of our guard staff?
Other _____________________


What do you feel is the greatest weakness of our guard staff?
Other _____________________


What do you feel is the greatest strength of our physical property?
Club house (building/bathrooms)
Other _____________________


What do you feel is the greatest weakness of our physical property?
Club House (building/bathrooms)
Other _____________________


The Board is involved in a lot of activities.  What are your top two most important activities the board needs to focus on for the continued success of our Swim Club
Fix up the grounds for members
Set up budget for income and expenses
Decide on Capital Projects for club improvements
New Member recruitment and marketing
Oversee operations of the pool (pool manager and guards)
Communications about club and activities
Develop, plan and implement activities for members
Strategic Planning for the future


Do you currently receive the swim club Newsletter via email?
No – I do not wish to be on the distribution
No – please add me to the distribution (provide email address):


Thank you for your participation, your feedback will help us enhance the swim club experience.

Install The Survey Add-On

The easiest way to install the Survey Add-On is from within your WordPress site itself. If you have properly configured your Gravity Forms license key on the Settings page of Gravity Forms you should have access to the built in Add-On manager.

  • Login to your WordPress admin dashboard.
  • Go to Add-Ons under the Forms navigation.
  • Install and Activate the Survey Add-On.
  • Get Started!

If you would like to install the Survey Add-On manually, or have trouble accessing the Add-On manager, you can follow the instructions below:

  • Download the add-on plugin from the Add-Ons download page.
  • Login to your WordPress admin dashboard.
  • Go to Add New under the Plugins navigation.
  • Choose Upload from the Install Plugins sub-navigation.
  • Upload, Install and Activate the Survey Add-On.
  • Get Started!

Setup Your Survey Fields

After installing and activating the Survey Add-On, you can now add Survey Fields to your form. This is done by adding a Survey Field from the Advanced Fields toolbox in the form editor to any form you would like to add a Survey to. You would add a Survey Field for each survey question you would like to ask the user.

  • Go to New Form under the Forms navigation or choose an existing form from Edit Forms in your WordPress admin dashboard.
  • Click on the Survey Field under the Advanced Field toolbox to add a Survey field to your form.
  • Edit the Survey Field to configure the available Survey options.
  • Configure your Survey Field as a Likert, Rating, Rank, Radio Button, Drop Down, Checkbox, Single Line Text or Paragraph Text using the Survey Field Type option.
  • Enter the survey question in the Survey Question input of your Survey Field.
  • Enter the answer choices in the Choices interface based on what Survey Field Type you selected.
  • Save your form.

That’s it! Creating a Survey using Gravity Forms is that easy.

Display Your Survey

The Gravity Forms Survey Add-On uses the standard form shortcode, function and widget in order to display the form. You would insert your survey into a page or post using the standard methods you already use when displaying a Gravity Form on your site.

Survey Results

You can view aggregate results of your survey and filter this data based on date and field selection by going to the Survey Results. You access Survey Results by clicking on the Results navigation item in the Gravity Forms toolbar. If you have multiple Add-Ons installed that support Results you will need to rollover the “Results” navigation item and then select “Survey Results”.