Experienced WordPress Developers Needed

Want to work on a variety of cutting edge, WordPress-based projects for a rapidly growing company? We’re looking to establish long term relationships with developers, either as full or part-time hires or for ongoing contract work. If you happen to be in Orange County, CA you’re welcome to join us in our offices but we’re a largely remote team scattered across the US and abroad.

We Value Your Time: So let us save you a few minutes by stopping you from needlessly filling out the form below. We’re not interested in hiring a large off-shore shop of the sort that is already blasting us with made up names, long lists of links to work you’ve supposedly done, and resumes that are identical. We wish you the best of luck in getting other gigs, but this one won’t be it.

About Us: We run a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that has doubled in size each of the last three years and now serves clubs across the United States. While the back end is powered by WordPress the front end and dashboard largely use the REST API and Vuejs. We have also developed a number of custom WordPress plugins that we use internally and a few of those have been released publicly.

If you work with us you’ll have the chance to shape the direction of the projects you work on. See a better way to do something? Have an idea for an enhancement you think will improve the end product? Have a particular language or tool set you think would be better suited for a job? Think we’re making a big mistake with something? We’re open to it all.

About You: You know WordPress in depth. You’ve dug into the core code and understand how it works. If you needed to modify a built-in REST response you could, or you know where to turn to figure it out. You write clean, well commented code that someone coming behind you would be able to easily follow. You’re reasonably comfortable with, or could quickly get up to speed with, the following:

Git — we typically work by sharing repos that you can fork and then submit pull requests.

Vagrant — not necessary but we can share boxes that are pre-configured with everything needed to start working on our¬†projects.

Composer — our PHP code is all object oriented and namespaced and we use autoloading to handle dependencies.

Node — once you start building user interfaces with node dev server and hot module reloading you’ll never go back. Have no idea what that means? It’s easy to pick up and our Vagrant boxes are pre-configured for you to get going quickly.

Webpack — automates all of the development and build processes. Linting, minifying, etc.

Grunt — we try to automate as many things as possible and a stack of handy Grunt tasks are part of that.

Vuejs — React and Angular are nice but Vuejs is king at our shop.

APIs — We’re steadily shifting all of our code to being API based and frequently build tools that leverage third party APIs like SendGrid, Authorize.net, Google, etc.

The things listed above aren’t a checklist of skills you need to already have. They’re examples of what we currently use to do our work and if you start working with us you’ll have the opportunity to learn and work with them as well.

What You Can Expect: If you work with us you’ll get clear project specs that detail what the end goals are — how something needs to work — and realistic expectations for delivering it. You’ll have direct communication with our lead developer and timely responses to any questions. You’ll get prompt payment and have the opportunity for bonuses based on meeting goals. If you come on board full time you’ll get great pay, paid vacation, benefits and a 401k match. You’ll also have a degree of flexibility and autonomy few jobs can match. Like working late at night but hate mornings? Prefer 10-hour days and a three-day weekend… every week? We care about the quality and timeliness of your work, not how or when you do it.

If you’re applying for this position you’ll need to have examples of code you’ve written and/or be willing to complete a small test project to demonstrate proficiency — typically something like a very basic plugin that fetches the latest 5 items from a public API.

  • How did you hear about this job posting?
  • What city and country are you in?
  • Briefly tell us about your background, your availability and your desired hourly rate or salary range (if interested in a part time or full time position).
  • Links to any relevant examples of your code. Ex: Github, Bitbucket, WordPress repository, etc.