Built for Pools by Pool People

Growing up in Montgomery County, MD, Member Splash founder Jamie Currie was a typical “pool rat.” Summer days started with swim practice and ended with the guards insisting the pool was closing and he had to go home. Soon enough he was a lifeguard himself, and eventually he was managing a dozen clubs in MD and DC during summers home from college.

His brother, John Currie, followed the same path but went a step further, buying out the pool company he worked for. As owner of Pool Personnel he now provides complete pool management and staffing to clubs throughout the county.

In 2010 John approached Jamie, by then a web developer running his own shop in southern California, about helping one of his clubs shift some of their registration and dues payments online. Although neither one realized it at the time, Member Splash was born.

Evolution and Expansion

Throughout the first season the simple registration system was enhanced to handle front desk check-in and email communication with the membership. Seeing the system in use during a swim meet, a board member from another pool got in touch to see if it was something they could use. A one-off project looked like it might have potential to be something bigger.

By 2013 Member Splash featured support for webcams at the front desk to take member pictures; full reporting on attendance, payments and account activity with the ability to export to Excel and CSV; the ability to handle a dizzying array of pricing plans; and much more. It was in use at 10 clubs and had become a year-round project, with new features and functionality being rolled out steadily.

The Future

Heading into the 2018 season we have dozens of clubs across fifteen states using the system and we’re steadily adding more. We run state-of-the-art virtual servers with Digital Ocean with daily backups both on and offsite. We feature tight integration with MailChimp for handling the sending of bulk emails. In fact, our MailChimp component was selected for MailChimp’s integration program and is now available as a stand alone WordPress plugin.

Member Splash is a family run business focused on serving one particular market and serving it exceptionally. If you become our customer you’ll be working directly with us. We know that pool boards are comprised of volunteers trying to fit this in around their other obligations and we strive to be as flexible as possible in accommodating their schedules.

We hope to have the chance to show you what our system, and our team, can do. If you think Member Splash sounds like it might be a good solution for your club, get in touch and we’ll set up an online demo to walk you through it, plus provide access to a test site so that you and anyone else from your club who would like to can try it out.

Jamie Currie


An avid swimmer, Jamie enjoys everything water related — sailing, surfing, the occasional scotch with a splash. He serves as Member Splash’s lead developer, taking a hands on role in designing and building new features and working to constantly keep the platform’s technology stack on the cutting edge. He is the author of several WordPress plugins that have collectively been translated into a dozen languages and are used by organizations large and small across the globe.

Melanie Currie

Account Management

We aim to make Member Splash as intuitive as possible but there are bound to be times when you have a question and Melanie is there to help. She previously worked for several non-profit associations managing member communications, organizing annual conventions, and keeping various websites updated. A certified yoga instructor, she enjoys teaching classes during her non-pool time.

Sue Freeman

Sales and Marketing

New client sourcing and program growth are led by Sue. Her work life began at — you guessed it– the pool, as a lifeguard and swim instructor. A career in the airline industry followed, from station operations to sales to marketing partnerships. If she had to leave the pool, Sue would choose to be traveling with her family.